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Decisions of the Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Superior Courts

Notice 2 [1830]

Source: Hobart Town Gazette, 21 August 1830

NO 161.
Colonial Secretary's Office,
Aug 20, 1830.

THE Lieutenant Governor has learned with much regret, that the Government Order, No. 2, of the 25th February last, offering certain Rewards for the capture of the Aborigines, appears in some recent instances to have been misapprehended, and in order to remove the possibility of any future misunderstanding on this important subject, His Excellency has directed it to be distinctly notified, that nothing can be more opposed to the spirit of the above named Order, and to that of all the different Proclamations and Orders which preceded it, than to offer any sort of violence or restraint to such of the Aboriginal Natives as may approach the European Inhabitants with friendly views; the Reward was offered for the capture of such Natives only as were committing Aggressions on the Inhabitants of the Settled Districts, from which it was the object of the Government to expel them, with every degree of humanity that was practicable, when all efforts for their conciliation had proved abortive.
It is His Excellency's most particular desire, and most peremptory order to all persons employed under the Government that no violence or restraint shall be offered to the inoffensive Natives of the remote and unsettled parts of the Territory, and that all such as may approach the Settled Districts, and offer to hold intercourse with the Inhabitants, in a friendly manner, may be encouraged to do so, and permitted to depart whenever they desire it, and, if, after the promulgation of this Notice, any wanton attack or aggression against the Natives becomes known to the Government, the offenders will be immediately brought to Justice and punished.
The Lieutenant Governor desires that this Notice may be read by all Magistrates to the Constables under their orders, and requests that Settlers will take every means of making it known to their Assigned Servants.

By His Excellency's Command,

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