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Decisions of the Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Superior Courts

Notice 12 [1831]

Source: Hobart Town Gazette, 3 September, 1831

(No. 167)
Colonial Secretary's Office
Aug. 24, 1832

The Aboriginal Tribes of this Island, having for some time past manifested a less hostile disposition, the Lieutenant Governor trusts that the Settlers will avail themselves of every opportunity which may present itself to conciliate them, and that the inhabitants generally, will at the present juncture use every possible precaution to prevent any acts of aggression upon the Natives by their Servants, so that no obstacle may be thrown in the way to impede the intercourse which the Government is endeavouring to open with the Tribes in the Interior.
By His Excellency's Command,


Published by the Division of Law, Macquarie University and the School of History and Classics, University of Tasmania