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Decisions of the Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Superior Courts

Notice 11 [1831]

Source: Hobart Town Gazette, 26 February, 1831

No. 39.
Colonial Secretary's Office,
Feb. 25, 1831

MR. Robinson having in the course of the expedition from which he has recently returned, succeeded in making known to many of the Aboriginal Tribes, in various parts of the Island, the friendly intentions of the Government towards them, the Lieutenant Governor is desirous to engage the services of a few respectable persons to aid in similar conciliatory measures.
Such individuals, therefore, as are disposed to undertake this difficult and important enterprise, and possess the qualifications and devotion essential for the service, will be so good as to communicate their intention to the Colonial Secretary.
It is proposed that one mission should be made to the Tribes resident on the Western Coast amongst whom it is desirable to distribute some presents, as these natives have not manifested to the same vindictive feeling as the Tribes on the Eastern Coast having done, towards the White Inhabitants.
Two or three other missions will be made in co-operation with Mr. Robinson, for the purpose of conferring with the hostile Tribes to the Eastward, and those usually frequenting the Country on the banks of the Tamar, the Mersey, the Clyde, the Shannon, and the Lakes.
Whilst these measures are in progress, the utmost possible disposable force will continue to be employed for the protection of the Settlers resident at the most distant and most exposed situations, and to afford countenance and protection to the friendly missions.
By His Excellency's Command,

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