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Decisions of the Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Superior Courts

Jackson v. Carron [1827]

assumpsit - bailment

Supreme Court of Van Diemen's Land
Pedder C.J., 18 April 1827
Source: Hobart Town Gazette, 21 April 1827

Jackson v. Carron. This also was an action of assumpsit to recover the value of a horse, saddle and bridle, which the plaintiff had let to the defendant. The damages were laid at £115. The horse had not arrived at the Tea-tree ten minutes, when after a very hard gallop and a a large draught of cold water in his overheated state, he died, in consequence of the injudicious treatment. Verdict for the plaintiff --- Damages £50.

Published by the Division of Law, Macquarie University and the School of History and Classics, University of Tasmania