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Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899

Opening of Court, 1841

Supreme Court of New South Wales, Port Phillip

Willis J., 15 April 1841

Source: Port Phillip Patriot, 19 April 1841


Wednesday, 15th April.---Before His Honor the Resident Judge, in Banco.

  This being the first day of term, His Honor the Resident Judge sat to hear motions, in banco, but finding only a beggarly account of briefless barristers, His Honor adjourned the Court until Tuesday (to-morrow), stating as his reason for doing so, that it would be useless to come to the court from day to day merely for the purpose of adjournment, and as four days' notice was requisite before undefended cases could be heard, Tuesday next would be quite time enough for the court to meet.

Equity cases, however, His Honor said, could at any time be entertained, the Court of Chancery being always open for the granting of injunctions, &c. Previous to the court being adjourned, His Honor expressed his satisfaction at the good feeling which existed in the district, and hoped that it would continue.

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