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Colonial Cases

Aboriginal trials [1849]

Aboriginal defendants - Aborigines, killing of - Aboriginal defendant, offence against another Aborigine

Quarter Sessions, Western Australia

W.H. Mackie Esq., 3 January 1849

Source: Perth Gazette and Independent Journal of Politics and News, 6 January 1849, p. 3

Kallare, for a criminal assault on Elizabeth King, of the Middle Swan district, Aged 11 years. Guilty - 2 years' imprisonment with hard labor. 

Cogat, for the murder of Coging, on the Upper Swan. Guilty - death recorded. 

Wetang, for spearing Yamacourt, a native in the employ of Mr. Cruise, of Ellen's brook. Guilty, recommended to mercy on account of general good character - 2 years imprisonment with hard labor. 

Wingah, for the murder of Dwaggle, in the employ of David Eadle, in the Leschenault district. Guilty - death recorded. 

Ngumanwert, for escaping from Rottnest prison. Guilty - 2 year' imprisonment with hard labor.

Wawjal, stealing a goat the property of John York, of the Gingin district. Guilty - 7 years' transportation. 

Qnadjuck and Ngyreap,for killing a heifer the property of Edward Flaherty, of the Leschenault district. Guilty - Gnadjuck, 7 years' transportation, Ngyreap 10 years' do.

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