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Colonial Cases

Minor Cases Straits

Singapore Chronicle & Commercial Register, 26 February 1833


(From a Correspondent of the Bengal Hurkaru.)

   The new Recorder of these Settlements is daily expected.  The addition of Admiralty jurisdiction to the power of the Court of Law seems no where more necessary than in these proverbially piratical seas, and it is to be hoped that the new Judge will be invested with the requisite commission to try offences of this nature.


Singapore Chronicle & Commercial Register, 21 November 1833


(From the Prince of Wales Island Gazette, 2nd Nov.)

   In the important case of Brodett v. Da Silva in which the settlement of accounts referred from the Court to Arbitration, the Arbitrators retuned an award on Monday last in favour of the Plaintiff, giving him the remaining one third of the Brig Pilar alias Voorlinden, and the amount prayed for viz. 20,000 Drs. together with all Costs.

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