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Colonial Cases

Tel-Aviv Municipality v. Council of the Landlord and Landowners Association, 1926


Tel-Aviv Municipality v. Council of the Landlord and Landowners Association

Source: The Palestine Bulletin, 5 February 1926



Tel Aviv. - The case was begun on February 3rd in the Higher Hebrew Peace Court of a charge brought by the Tel-Aviv Municipality against the members of the Council of the Landlord and Landowners Association in Tel-Aviv in connection with the latter memorandum to the Municipality which was published in the press.  Owing to the non-appearance of the defendants, the case was adjourned a week. The charge is one of libel allegations of speculation and irregularity of dealings having been made.


The Palestine Bulletin, 24 June 1926


   The High Court in Jerusalem on Tuesday heard the case brought by the Landlords and Land-owners Association in Tel-Aviv against the Tel-Aviv Municipality in connection with the repeal of the elections to the Municipal Council. The lawyers for the plaintiffs were Messrs. Samuel and Shoshani.  Mr. Samuel demanded the nullification of the elections.  The High Court has decided to try the case and summon the Tel-Aviv Municipality to hear its plaints.  The case will be resumed at the beginning of July.


The Palestine Bulletin, 4 July 1926


   The Supreme Court heard on Friday the resumption of the charge brought by the Tel-Aviv Landlords and Houseowners' Association, for which Mr. H. B. Samuel is acting, against the Tel-Aviv Municipality, whose counsel is Mr. H. Sacher.  The case lasted from noon to 2.15 p.m., during which time Mr. H. Sacher and Mr. Kermack, the Advocate-General, addressed the Court.  In postponing the hearing until next Friday, the Court expressed a wish to conclude the case on this day.


The Palestine Bulletin, 11 July 1926


   The Court at its sitting on Friday adjourned in order to formulate a definition of "ratepayer" under then Local Councils Ordinance and the Tel-Aviv Orders.  The Court intimated to the parties that it would be reasonable for them to come to an arrangement as to the date at which elections to a new Council should be held.


The Palestine Bulletin, 1 August 1926


Court's Opinion in Municipality v. Landlords Case.

   On Friday morning the hearing of the charge brought by the Landlords and Property-owners Association of Tel-Aviv against the Municipality of that area was resumed before the Supreme Court, Sir Thomas Haycraft presiding.  Asked by the Chief Justice as to whether his principals would withdraw the charge in the question of the invalidity of the previous elections, counsel for the plaintiffs said they would do so if the promise to hold elections in October were to be fulfilled.  His Honour then read out the Court's definition of the term "tax-payer," and said it had been based on English law, which refers to a tax-payer or property-holder or tenant who pays taxes on property.  The term "tax-payer" could have two meanings: A voluntary tax-payer or one who was liable to pay taxes.  The latter was taken as having the wider meaning, so that the franchise could be enjoyed by every man or woman of 21 years of age and upwards either an owner ort a tenant of property. 

   Replying to counsel for the Municipality as to whether this did not deprive women of the vote, in the case where her husband paid taxes, the Chief Justice replied in the affirmative.  No woman would be entitled to vote in such an interpretation of the term if she herself did not pay taxes.  Both counsel then agreed to the washing out of the charge.  Dr. Dunkelblum, for the Municipality, announced that his principals reserved the right of appeal to the Privy Council in London from the judgment, but the Chief Justice pointed out that an appeal arose as neither a judgment nor a decision had been handed down; an interpretation had been asked for and issued.


The Palestine Bulletin, 3 August 1926


Tel-Aviv. - The Hebrew Peace Court has issued judgment in the case of Municipality v. Shoshani and others, who were summonsed by the former for alleged insult and offence to honour.  Judgment convicted the accused, Messrs. Shoshani Meddow and Fogel, of the offence, and fined then P.T. 656, costs of case, with a strong reprimand from Court.  The judgment may be appealed within seven days.


The Palestine Bulletin, 11 October 1926


Tel -Aviv. - At its last meeting on Saturday evening, the Municipal Council decided, in consequence of the judgment given by the High Court, that henceforth the house-tax for all houses should be 8 per cent.  The discussion on the question of the education-tax was postponed until the next meeting.

   Contrary to previous expectations, the Municipal Elections will not be held during October.

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