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Colonial Cases

Spinney's v. Linenberg, 1929


Spinney's v. Linenberg

District Court, Haifa
Source: The Palestine Bulletin, 10 July 1929



Haifa. - A local merchant was sentenced by the District Court yesterday to the payment of L.P. 50 fine for using the trade mark "Wills" of the noted Australian butter firm, although he sold butter produced in Palestine.  Messrs. Spinney's Ltd., who represent the firm in this country, brought the action before the Court.


The Palestine Bulletin, 30 July 1929


To: Messrs. Wills & Co., Ltd., Port Said, and to their agents Messrs. Spinney's Ltd., Haifa.


I, HIRSCH LINENBERG, butter merchant of Jerusalem, DO HEREBY ADMIT that I caused to be printed certain wrapping paper bearing a Trade Mark which was an imitation of the registered Trade Mark of Messrs. Wills & Co. Ltd., of Port said, of whom Messrs. Spinney's Ltd. are the Palestine Agents, AND I FURTHER ADMIT that I caused to be packed therein certain butter which was manufactured by me in Jerusalem.

            AND I FURTHER ADMIT that a quantity of such butter, bearing an imitation of said registered Trade Mark, was sold by Jacob Geller, my Agent in Haifa, who, as the result of such sale, has been tried and criminally convicted by the District Court of Haifa on the 9th July, 1929, and was thereupon sentenced to six months' imprisonment or to pay a fine of fifty pounds together with costs of the prosecution.

   I HEREBY ADMIT my fullest regret for my conduct and complicity in this matter.  I have already paid the fine inflicted by the Court upon Jacob Geller and I HEREBY BEG you to accept this my unqualified apology AND I AUTHORISE you to publish this apology as you may think fit.

(Sgd) Hirsch Linenberg.

Signed at Haifa this 15th day of July, 1929.

Before me:- (Sgd) S. O. RICHARDSON, Solicitor and Notary Public, Jaffa.


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