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Colonial Cases

Sharf v. Returning Officer, 1932


Sharf v. Returning Officer

High Court, Palestine
Source: The Palestine Bulletin, 17 April 1932



Ramat Gan Electoral Register

   The Supreme Court sitting as the High Court of Justice, composed of the Chief Justice and Mr. Justice Frumkin, gave judgment on Friday in the application of Nathan Sharf (Petitioner) represented by Dr. Smoira, against the Returning Officer for the elections to the Local Council of Ramat Gan and the Chairman of the Electoral Committee for the Local Council of Ramat Gan (Respondent) represented by Dr. B. Joseph.

   The Petitioner asked the High Court to direct the Electoral Committee of Ramat Gan to include his name in the Register of Voters inasmuch as he was qualified by having paid poll tax to the value of L.P. 1 within the twelve months before the appointment of the Electoral Committee.

   The Court held that payment was made during the twelve months before the date of the appointment of the Electoral Committee, that a poll tax has been in the past levied from persons having a right to vote, and the fact that he has paid the poll tax and that it has been received by the Local Council, entitles the Petitioner to have his name placed upon the register.

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