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Colonial Cases

Newspaper commentary and minor cases, Palestine 1940s

The Palestine Bulletin, 5 May 1948



  An important point of procedure was decided yesterday by the Supreme Court, composed of His Honour, the Chief Justice, Nr. Justice Baker, and Mr. Justice Mustapha el Khaldi, in the appeal made by Messrs. H. and F. Fast, represented by Dr. Smoira, against Auni Abdulhadi, Respondent.

   In the District Court one of the Judges who was present at the first and second hearings, was replaced by another Judge in the third hearing, and the end of which judgment was given.

   The Supreme Court held that as the latter judge was not a member of the Court which heard the proceedings on the first day of the trial, the judgment of the District Court must be set aside and the case remitted to the District Court for rehearing and judgment.


The Times, 6 December 1949

... and in the creation of a nine-Power consular court for the settlement of disputes. ...

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