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Colonial Cases

Newspaper commentary and minor cases, Palestine 1926

The Palestine Bulletin, 6 January 1926           [Lebanon]


BEIRUT, (P.T.A.) - It is stated in official circles that the High Commissioner may abolish the mixed courts established by his predecessor, except in Beirut.  It will be remembered that the courts were occupied by French as well as by native Magistrates in the Great Lebanon.


The Palestine Bulletin, 6 January 1926


HAIFA, January 6 (P.T.A.)

   The case of Rashid Jum'a Hassan Mussa Ibrahim and Ehsein Abdullah Jum'a, accused of attacking a Jewish young man and girls between Benyamina and Hedera with intent to rob, on the 26/9/25, was heard yesterday in the District Court here.  The evidence of the young man and girls attacked was heard.  They gave particulars of the attack.  The evidence of Mr. Schiff, Police Inspector at Zichron Jacob, who arrested the assailants, and some shepherds, who were on the spot, was heard.  The Court sentenced Rashid Jum'a and Hassan Mussa to two years' imprisonment, and Ehsein Abdullah Jum'a who is under 20 years of age, to 6 months' imprisonment.  When hearing part of the girls' evidence the public was requested to retire from Court.


The Palestine Bulletin, 17 January 1926


   With reference to our statement in last Friday's issue which might lead readers to imagine that Rabbi Samuel Benjamin and Mr. Ben Zion had been arrested on criminal charges, we have now definitely ascertained that this was not the case.  They were arrested on January 12th, but on no criminal charge. An application for habeas corpus was promptly made to the High Court on the ground that there was no jurisdiction to order the arrests.  A rule nisi was thereupon granted by the High Court, and the gentlemen in question released on bail until the return day.


The Palestine Bulletin, 19 January 1926.


Tel Aviv. - A young girl who had attempted to commit suicide was tried by the Magistrates' Court here, and recommended for deportation.


The Palestine Bulletin, 27 January 1926.


HAIFA, January 22 (P.T.A.)

   The hearing of the case of Musa Ali Saabi, of Ein Razal, began yesterday in the District Court here.  He is being charged, under Article 174 of the Ottoman Penal Code (murder without premeditation) with murdering his neighbour, Salim Khalif Havas, in August 1925.  Mr. Harry Sacher is acting as counsel for the defence.  The judgment is expected to-day.


The Palestine Bulletin, 28 January 1926


TEL AVIV, January 28 (P.T.A.)

   Three members of the M.P.S. Party (Extreme Left) who were charged with assaulting a Tel-Aviv policeman were yesterday sentenced to one month's imprisonment each, additional to the month they have been in custody.  A female member of the Party burst into Court and loudly protested against the sentence.  She was also arrested.


The Palestine Bulletin, 31 January 1926


HAIFA, January 30 (P.T.A.)

   Judgment was given by the District Court here this morning, at 9.30 a.m., in the presence of a large crowd, in the case of Musa Ali Saabi, of Ain Rasal village, who was alleged to have murdered one of the villagers last August.  As a result of the proof by Mr. H. Sacher, a counsel for the defence, that there was insufficient evidence, Saabi was acquitted.


The Palestine Bulletin, 5 February 1926


   The action against the Responsible Editor of "Doar Hayom" Mr. Al Elmaleh, by Rabbi Pesach Zvi Frank of the Chief Rabbinate on a charge of libel was heard yesterday noon in the Chief Rabbinate Court.  Chief Rabbi Kook presided.  The article in dispute was published on February 2nd.

   The case proceeded after Mr. Elmaleh admitted responsibility for the statement.  Counsel for both sides pleaded and after declaration by plaintiff and defendant, the judges who were Sephardim declared that it was impossible to deal with the matter until a Joint Slaughtering Board of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews was formed and the share of the Sephardim in its revenue fixed.


The Palestine Bulletin, 7 February 1926


Safad. - The case was heard in the District Court here last week of an encounter between Arab villagers of Safraam and young men of Rosh-Pinah.  The Rosh-Pinah men were acquitted, but two Arabs of Shafra'am were sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment each and four fined P.T. 40 each for having taken part in the assault.


The Palestine Bulletin, 8 February 1926


In the District Court, of Jaffa, December 14th 1925.

   In the matter of Joseph Samuel Bloch, deceased Austrian Subject.  In virtue of an order of the District Court in Jaffa, bearing the date of this day, I do hereby cite all and all manner of persons to appear in the said Court, within twenty days of the publication in which this notice appears, and show cause if any they have, why an order of Administration of all and singular the moveable property, rights, credits of Palestine should not be granted unto Moses David called Morris Bloch, brother of the said deceased, as in default thereof, the Court will proceed to grant the same accordingly.

3/1/1926.  (Signed) MOHAMED SALAMEH, Chief Clerk, District Court Jaffa.


The Palestine Bulletin, 8 February 1926


   It is reported that prominent members of the Sephardic community in Jerusalem, dissatisfied with the present position of "kosher" slaughtering, have decided to deal with the question  of creating a Sephardic Slaughtering Board, whose revenue would be devoted to the community's own charitable institutions.


The Palestine Bulletin, 10 February 1926


HAIFA, February 10 (P.T.A.)

   The hearing of the case of the Bedouins (of the Guarmeh tribe) who, several weeks ago, endeavoured to prevent by force ploughing by Jews on the Jidro land purchased by the Palestine Land Development Company, began this morning in the magistrate's Court here.  The case was postponed, as the representative of the P. L. D. Company did not appear.  At the request of defending counsel, the accused were released on bail ort L. E. 20 each.  The case will be tried on the 16th inst.


The Palestine Bulletin, 11 February 1926


   "Falastin" states that at the request of the French authorities in Syria, the Government is urging Rashhid Bey Talieh, former Premier of Transjordan, to leave Palestine.  Rashid Bey is now taking a cure at Jericho. According to "Falastin," he is appealing to the High Court against his deportation.


The Palestine Bulletin, 14 February 1926


   "Falastin" writes of the Government's request to Ahmed Hilmi Pasha, now in Palestine, to leave the country for Egypt, and after giving a history of his dispute with Rickabi Pasha, the Premier of Transjordan while he was Finance Minister, states that it is an infringement of individual liberty to ask him to leave the country.

   Ahmed Hilmi had been invited to audit the accounts of the Moslem Supreme Council.  He had been appointed by King Hussein as director of the Hedjaz railway, and as Hadjizian representative at the General Debts Conference at Paris.

   Referring to Rashid Bey Talieh's deportation, "Falastin" thinks how unfortunate is a country under Mandate.  The Syrian is a stranger in Palestine, a Palestinian is a stranger in Syria, while the real strangers are really the masters of the country.



   An Arab centenarian, Salah Mustapha Salah Abu-Musa, aged 105, of Adjur village, near Hebron, has commenced serving a nominal sentence of ten years' penal servitude for murder.  The aged criminal murdered his daughter, whom he accused of loose living.  It is stated that the centenarian convict is acquiring his third set of teeth.  Salah Mustafa is possibly the oldest convict in the world.


The Palestine Bulletin, 15 February 1926


   "Al Yarmuk," reporting the contemplated deportation of Rashid Bey Talieh, states that he decided to summons the Government to law if it persists in its order.  "Al Yarmuk" is also informed that the Government has amended its order and demands that Rashid Bey resides in a city remote from Transjordan and Syrian boundaries.  He is now temporarily resident in Gaza, but it is possible he will settle in Jaffa.

   As regards Ahmed Hilmi, a former Transjordan Minister of Finance, he has left Palestine for Egypt.  Some Safad Arabs have sent a protest to H.E. the High Commissioner against Ahmed Hilmi Pasha's deportation, and state that while hundreds of immigrants from Bolshevik countries enter Palestine, the government deports for unknown reasons the Syrian Ahmed Hilmi, a talented man, whom the Moslem Supreme council had invited to arrange the financial affairs of the Wakf.



Jaffa. - Judges Seton and Ragheb El Khaldi tried yesterday in the District Court the author of a volume named, "The Book of Love," who was previously tried in the Tel Aviv Magistrates'' Court on a charge of pornography.   Dr. A. Zifroni and Dr. H. Harrari gave evidence, expressing a derogatory opinion of the book.

   The Court fined the author L.E. 5 and ordered the confiscation of the whole edition.  The man was warned that if he appeared before the court again on a similar charge, he would be deported.


The Palestine Bulletin, 17 February 1926


HAIFA, February 17 (P.T.A.)

   The hearing of the land case brought by the Government against Saleh Muhammad and the Druzes of Sefr-Amr commenced yesterday.  Dr. Dukhan appeared on behalf of the Government, Dr. Eliash for Saleh Muhammed and Advocate Murghannem, the Druzes.  Toufic Bey, former Mayor of Acre, and the former director of the tabu at Acre, gave evidence declaring that the transfer of the land to the Druzes was illegal, and the Turkish Government that time dismissed the clerks who had effected the transfer.

   The further hearing of the case was postponed because the main witness, Yahsin Effendi, former Mufti of Acre and now Assistant Mufti in Jerusalem, had not appeared in Court.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 February 1926


HAIFA, February 25 (P.T.A.)

   It has been established by police investigation that the Jewish merchant, Haim Shmuel Monah, who was found murdered near Metullah, on French territory (reported in yesterday's issue of the "Bulletin," was killed for motives of robbery.  He had some L.E. 300 on him at the time of the murder.  He left a wife and three children.  The funeral had taken place at Safad.


HAIFA, February 25 (P.T.A.)

   The case was heard at the District Court here of Muhammed Ibn Khahli, aged 15 years, and his comrade, Ahmed of Ein Rasal village, charged with the attempted murder of a fellahin girl named Meryam.  She had refused to entertain the immoral solicitations of the first.  On account of his youth, Muhammed was sentenced to four years' imprisonment, the second to five years.


HAIFA, February 25 (P.T.A.)

   Mr. Birman, a leader of the Extreme left was tried at the District Court yesterday for having issued weekly pamphlets of his party without permission.  He was fined L.E. 15.  The editor of "An Nafir" in whose press the issues were printed gave evidence against Birman.


The Palestine Bulletin, 2 March 1926


HAIFA, March 2nd (P.T.A.)

   The District Court heard yesterday the case of two Arab boys of Acre one aged 11 and the other 12, who were charged with numerous thefts at Haifa and Acre.  They both confessed.  The Court sentenced each to six strokes of the birch and five years' detention in a reformatory.


The Palestine Bulletin, 3 March 1926


   The criminal action for Arson against Zalman Maisal Schocher and others in respect of the fire at the premises of Schocher and Co. at Jaffa in August last, commenced at the Jaffa District Court yesterday, and will probably last until Friday.  The Public prosecutor is appearing for the prosecution, and Mr. Harry Sacher for the defence.


The Palestine Bulletin, 12 March 1926


Jaffa. - About eight months ago a watchman named Leiberman was murdered in a vineyard at Rehoboth.  Six Arabs of Nananeh were arrested after enquiries.  The trial took place this week in the District Court here.  The defendants pleaded "Not Guilty," and denied statements they made to the examining Magistrate at Ramleh, when they confessed they had gone to steal grapes and had been armed.  Defending counsel tried to prove that Lieberman's comrades had killed him wither accidentally or deliberately.  The sentence however was five years' imprisonment for each without appeal.  It is stated that the family of the murdered boy are bringing a class action for compensation against the families of the assassins.


The Palestine Bulletin, 15 March 1926


Tel Aviv. - The magistrate's Court here has fined a hotel-keeper L.E. 5 for allowing one of his rooms to be used for indecency.


The Palestine Bulletin, 18 March 1926


Haifa. - The District Court has agreed to the application of Mr. Tannenbaum's lawyers to release him on bail of L. 5000.  As an order for his arrest has also been issued in Jerusalem, Mr. Tannenbaum was conducted there under escort, and it is believed he will be released after the formalities are completed there.


The Palestine Bulletin, 24 March 1926


HAIFA, March 24 (P.T.A.)

   Lively scenes were witnessed at the District Court here, following the acquittal of an Arab charged by three Arab peasant women of theft.  After the man had been found not guilty of the charges, he left the Court in high feather.  His pleasure, however, was not long-lived.  The three women outside began throwing stones at him, entered the Court and commenced hurling abuse and insults at the judges, calumniating the Government.  The Public prosecutor ordered their arrest, and they were yesterday sentenced to 7 days' imprisonment each for disorderly behaviour.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 March 1926

Civil No. 68/1926


Mr. Justice R. Copland in Chambers.

In re The Keren Kayemeth Le Israel, Limited (Jewish National Fund)


In re the Companies Ordinance 1921 and in r4 The Debentures Ordinance 1924.


   After hearing the above mentioned Company, and the Registrar of Companies and being satisfied that failure to file the mortgage deed entered into between the above Company and Mrs. Aliza Tuenny, No. 261/25 and dated 6th August, 1925, within 21 days from the date of the creation of the mortgage as required by section 68 sub-section © of the Companies Ordinance 1921, was due to inadvertence and that it is just and equitable to grant relief, therefore by virtue and in exercise of the powers contained in section 11 of the Debentures Ordinance 1924


  1. That a delay of 30 days from the date of the publication of this order be granted the said Company within which to register the before mentioned mortgage.
  2. That a copy of this Order be published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Palestine and one newspaper published and registered in Palestine, a copy of such newspaper with the publication therein to be filed in this Court.
  3. That any member of the said Company who may desire to show cause why such extension should not have been granted may petition the Jerusalem District Court within seven days from the date of this publication.

Dated, this 19th day of March, 1926. 

(Sgd.) R. COPLAND,  A/President, District Court, Jerusalem.

[Other similar notices.]


The Palestine Bulletin, 22 April 1926


Jaffa. - The trial was held in the magistrate's Court here yesterday afternoon at 3 p.m. of Zechariah Guska, president of the Yemenite's Federation and delegate of Yemenite Jewry at the Zionist Congress.  He took part in a Communist demonstration on Monday morning, at which a number of unemployed paraded in front of the Tel-Aviv Municipality offices, and declared that workers did not recognise the authority of the Jaffa Workers' Council.  A large number of Yemenites resident in the district crowded the Court.  Mr. Gluska was sentenced to 7 days' imprisonment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 April 1926


Tel Aviv. - Two members of the Extreme Left faction have been sentenced to two months'; imprisonment by the Magistrate's Court for having participated in an illegal demonstration here.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 April 1926


Haifa. - Two Arab policemen who turned footpads one night and waylaid an Arab pedestrian, robbing him of money and valuables, have been sentenced by the District Court here to two years' imprisonment with hard labour.  Judgment stressed the point that incidents such as these might cause a disturbance of public security.


The Palestine Bulletin, 5 May 1926


HAIFA, May 5 (P.T.A.)

   After deliberations lasting two and a half hours, the District Court here has acquitted Jacob Segal who had been previously convicted by the District Court at Nablus, in connection with the Afuleh incident, to twelve years' penal servitude.


The Palestine Bulletin, 11 May 1926


   The Magistrate's Court has ordered a gharry-driver, who was charged with having run over and killed a dog through lack of caution, to pay LE 8, adjudged by the Government Veterinary Surgeon to be its value, to the owner, a woman recently arrived from Russia, at whose side the animal was walking when it was killed.  The driver whipped up his horse and drove away after the incident occurred. He has asked permission to appeal against the judgment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 May 1926


HAIFA, May 25 (P.T.A.)

   The trial of Abraham Prussak, accused of attempting to murder his wife and child and then commit suicide several months ago, is commencing to-day at the District Court here.


The Palestine Bulletin, 26 May 1926


HAIFA, May 26 (P.T.A.)

   The case of Abraham Prussak in the District Court continued until noon yesterday.  There were many witnesses, including the wife, [line missing] ...ans.  The Court found Prussak guilty of attempting to assassinate his wife, but agreed that he committed the act while of unsound mind, and will therefore be detained in custody at the pleasure of the High Commissioner.


The Palestine Bulletin, 26 May 1926


   An Armenian youth charged with having assaulted and wounded a policeman was yesterday sentenced in the District Court to six months'' imprisonment.

   A Jew charged with having insulted the Moslem religion and its prophet was sentenced to three weeks' imprisonment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 27 May 1926


   Commenting upon the acquittal of Segal, accused of the murder of an Arab at Afuleh, "Ul-Carmel" writes:-

                          We wish we were allowed to ask why the crime committed at Afuleh is left unpunished although the murder took place before 70 Jews and some scores of Arabs.  We do not doubt the uprightness of the Haifa District Court (who acquitted the accused); we rely upon it as we do upon the justice of the Samara District Court (who had sentenced him.) Why did the latter find him guilty, while the former did not; this is a mystery into which we do not dare penetrate fearing to be sentenced under the courts offence law.  We believe, however, that justice also cries out with us asking where the murderer of Afuleh is.


The Palestine Bulletin, 2 June 1926


Haifa. - An Arab named Abu-Sherif, of Ain Razal (near Zichron Jacob), has been sentenced by the District Court to eighteen months' hard labour for an act of violation.


The Palestine Bulletin, 9 June 1926


HAIFA, June-8 (P.T.A.)

   The case commenced yesterday in the Court of assize here, under the presidency of Sir Thomas Haycraft, the Chief Justice, of Einsein Abu Faha Nasr, seventy years old, and his son Rashid, 22 years of age of Ousha village, near Shefr Amr, who are accused of the homicide of Ahdar El Arabi of the same village on August 13th last.  The accusation is made under article 170 of the Ottoman Penal Code, the reason for the murder being cited as family feud.

   Witnesses were heard yesterday as follows: Widow and sister of the murdered man, who primarily accused Rashid, some of the villagers, and Moustafa Effendi, the police-officer, whose evidence confirmed that of the prosecution.


The Palestine Bulletin, 9 June 1926


   For some years a dispute has been going on between the Gargur family (Jewish) and the Armenian Convent in relation to the rights of ownership of the large property in Jaffa Road, opposite the Municipal Gardens., on which the buildings of the Armenians stand.  Many shops and offices, including the Zionist Executive Offices, are concerned.  The Jewish family declares that it alone is proprietor of the estate, and the case commenced before the war.  The Appeal Court in Jerusalem rejected the case, but the litigants have decided to take the matter to the Privy Council in London.  Some few days ago the legal representatives of the claimants, Mr. Geoffrey Lawrence, K.C., and Mr., Bernard Joseph of Jerusalem, appeared before the Court, which decided to rescind the adverse decision of the Appeal Court, and permit an appeal.  The sum involved in the case is said to be about a million pounds Egyptian.


The Palestine Bulletin, 10 June 1926


HAIFA, June 10 (P.T.A.)

   The judgment in the case of Ehsein Abu Faha Nasr, 70 years of age, and his twenty-two year old son, Rashid, was given yesterday by the Court of Assize, under the presidency of Sir Thomas Haycraft, Chief Justice.  The septuagenarian was found not guilty of the crime, but his son was adjudged responsible for the murder, and sentenced to fifteen years' penal servitude.


The Palestine Bulletin, 11 June 1926

Not accessed.


The Palestine Bulletin, 16 June 1926


   The Law Courts here are to try the case of a rabbi's son and a rabbi charged with having effected and aided in a bigamy.  The first defendant is charger with marrying a second wife before divorcing his first, and the rabbi is accused of having allowed the second illegal marriage.  Counsel for the plaintiff, the first wife of the accused man, is Mr. Harry Sacher.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 June 1926


   The High Court dealt yesterday with the complaint of the Tel-Aviv lawyers' association, which protested against the Municipal Council's decision to impose a tax on lawyers'' premises as business establishments.  The High Court nullified the Municipal Council's decision, declaring that lawyers' premises were not "commercial."


The Palestine Bulletin, 27 June 1926                                                                [Syria]


   The short notice published in the Syrian Press recently on the abolition of the Sharia Religious Courts there, has not been received in silence by the press in Beirut and Damascus.  The Moslem newspapers are outspoken in their comment, and declare that Palestine is fortunate in possessing autonym in these matters.  One newspaper demands the immediate repeal of the order, as Syria is part of Islam.  The French Government came to the country solely as a Mandatory, the newspaper states, and agreed to carry on the administration under certain pledges and with certain limitations.  Any change that does not accord with its functions, or deprives the nation of its rights, or opposes the Islamic faith, must be contrary to the interests of the government.  Moslems in general will never acquiesce in a decision of this nature, the papers say.


The Palestine Bulletin, 30 June 1926


   Yesterday morning the Court of Appeal in Jerusalem heard the appeal of Aref Al Budeiri, who had built a wall of 8 metres and 70 centimetres said to have obscured his neighbour's windows, and whom the District Court fined L.E. 20 ordering to demolish the wall.  The Court of Appeal reversed the District Court's decision, and acquitted.  Mr. Budeiri's attorney was Abcarius Bey, and counsel for the prosecution Mr. S. G. Kermack, Advocate-General, and Mr. M. Eliash.


The Palestine Bulletin, 18 July 1926


   An elderly man who had been charged with indecent behaviour towards a young girl of 12 years, was sentenced in the District Court, Jerusalem, to a months' hard labour.


The Palestine Bulletin, 21 July 1926


Damascus. - The military Court here has sentenced four soldiers of the French Foreign Legion to terms of imprisonment ranging from five to eight years, for deserting their posts on May 13th in the face of the enemy.  The accused were arrested two days after their escape, while trying to pass over into British Mandated territory.  One of the men is an American named Clare, or Foty, who had been sentenced to death but whose sentence has now been commuted to eight years' penal servo tide.  The other three men are British and German.  The British, named Harvey, who served with distinction during the Great War, is a native of Monmouthshire, Wales.  They were sentenced to five years each.


The Palestine Bulletin, 26 July 1926


Jaffa. - Following a successful appeal to the District Court, two Communists have been released after having been sentenced to six months' imprisonment for having taken part in the Communist demonstration on May 1st.


The Palestine Bulletin, 29 July 1926


HAIFA, July 29 (P.T.A.)

   The Court of assize, under the presidency of Sir Thomas Haycraft, the Chief Justice, yesterday and on Tuesday tried Payat Khalil, of Atta village, on a charge of murdering Hassan Al Aleb and Dervish Ibrahim during a quarrel in a love affair on March 1st last.  Abcarius Bey and Muhammad Ali Talim were counsel for the defence.  The man was found guilty, and condemned to death.


The Palestine Bulletin, 9 August 1926


   The Arab Press reports that the Palestine Government has extradited at the request of the Lebanese authorities three offenders who escaped from the Lebanon.  They are charged with stealing large sums of money, while one is charged with harbouring a murderer. 

   The Syrian authorities have requested the Palestine Government for the extradition of Nuri Abbas, a master printer of Haifa, who has now settled in Palestine.  He has been arrested, but released on L.E. 1,400 bail.


The Palestine Bulletin, 9 August 1926


   Mustapha Hakki, a former Palestine policeman, has been sentenced to ten days'; imprisonment by the Magistrate's Court for assaulting a nurse of the "Hadassah" Nurses' Training School.  The man resigned from the police force some two months ago.


Jaffa. - The District Court has sentenced the owner of "Al Jezirah" to one months' imprisonment for publishing an article insulting the Mayor of Nablus.  An appeal has been allowed.  The owner has been released on L.E. 100 bail.


The Palestine Bulletin, 12 August 1926


Haifa. - An interesting case has been heard by the Jewish Peace Court here.  Some young men had been singing in Russian while assembled on a balcony in the Hadar Hacarmel quarter, when two passing youths, ultra-nationalistic in tendency, took objection to the language employed and advised the songsters to use Hebrew.  Upon refusal, they threw eggs at the "offenders."  A charge was brought against the assailants, who brought a counter-charge that "the Hebrew language was insulted."  After several hearings, the Court, after commending the egg-throwers upon their zeal, fined them P.T. 30 or the white-washing the walls and P.T. 35 costs.  The eight persons guilty of slighting the Hebrew language were reprimanded and ordered to pay the two defenders the P.T. 35, costs of the case.


The Palestine Bulletin, 13 August 1926


   The Arab youths who attacked a student of the "Merkaz ha-Rav" Yeshiva and a Jewish workingman recently, were brought before the Court this week and were sentenced to be birched.  In the afternoon, they met one of the young men and set about him once more.  He was saved by the intervention of passers-by.

   Four other Arabs who attacked a Jewish boy and wounded him slightly with a knife have also been tried, and sentenced to twelve strokes of the birch.


The Palestine Bulletin, 15 August 1926


Haifa. - The District Court at Tulkarem has been hearing the cases of fellahin from villages in that vicinity who had been charged with arson at threshing-floors and hay-ricks.  One Arab was sentenced to two years, and two youths aged about 15 years each to one year and six months' hard labour respectively.

   The incidents of arson occurred following the elections to the Supreme Moslem Council, and firing of olive-trees and poisoning of cattle took place also said to be the result of political differences.


Jaffa. - The Court of Assizes, under the presidency of Sir Thomas Haycraft, has been hearing the cases of the band of brigands, who were led by Abdel Rahman Abu Al-Amin (killed by police-officers Kheir El-Din Bseiso and Shafik Abdul-Hadi during a chase).  Farouki Effendi was counsel for the accused.  Mohammed Al Faour was sentenced to three years' penal servitude, for purchasing stolen property, while an accomplice was sentenced to ten years' penal servitude for having taken part in the activities of the gang.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 August 1926


   The Magistrates' Court at Jerusalem yesterday morning sentenced an Arab, native of Aleppo Syria to two months' imprisonment for assaulting an old Jew near the Wailing Wall, in the Old City, recommending him for deportation to Syria at the expiration of the sentence.  When being escorted by a policeman to the prison opposite, the man eluded his captor, and bolted.  The policeman and a large crowd followed at his heels, and he was caught some distance away.  Effort to hold him proved difficult, but he was finally bundled into a motor-car and taken to the prison.  He is to be tried now on a charge of assaulting policemen and members of the crowd who aided in his recapture.


The Palestine Bulletin, 24 August 1926


   The thirteen unemployed, mostly Communists, who were arrested recently for creating a disturbance at the Palestine Zionist Executive offices and who are in the lock-up, have declared hunger-strike.  They were tried in the prison yesterday, in order not to compel them to come to Court, the hearing by the Magistrate lasting some hours.  The accused hampered the work of the Court by shouting and comporting themselves improperly.  The trial is to be resumed.  Wardens declare that there is doubt whether their hunger strike is complete.  They were sentenced to-day to ten days' imprisonment and recommended for deportation.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 August 1926


   That the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem may, after a religious court hearing, sentence a defendant to a term of imprisonment without his having the chance of appeal to the High Court is the precedent set in the case of Eliahu Mizrachi, a local Jew, who has just entered the Jerusalem Prison for refusing to pay alimony.  Mizrachi had been seeking a separation from his wife, whom he alleged was infected with a certain disease.  Successive examinations had, according to information, been conducted on him, and he was certified to be wholly free of disease, which he had never contracted.  She declares that he desired a separation as soon as their baby died.  Mizrachi refused to pay alimony on the ground that his wife had means of her own and that he was too poor to afford a maintenance allowance, and at the instance of the Rabbinate Court was consigned to prison for a term of three months' failing his payment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 August 1926


   We are informed that our report on the sentence of the thirteen unemployed who were tried yesterday for creating a disturbance at the Zionist Executive offices was incorrect.  They were sentenced to one day's imprisonment and a fine not exceeding L.E. 1 each but there was no recommendation for deportation.


The Palestine Bulletin, 27 August 1926


Hebron. - Hashem Abu Markeh, Abel Alim Muhammad Eidi, Abdel-Hamid Al Hamyani, and Hamad Aby Khalid, who broke into the house of the Government doctor here and stole a large amount of valuables and utensils, were sentenced by the District Court here.  Hashim was sentenced to two years only, as he was found guilty of receiving the stolen property, while the others were sentenced to four years penal servitude each.

   Mohammed Hassim Salameh was sentenced to three years penal servitude for committing an indecent act with a boy of 12 years age.


The Palestine Bulletin, 5 September 1926


   Mr. Abrahams, an American Jew, who owns a house in Zichron-Moshe summonsed his tenant to the Court to answer a charge of not observing the Sabbath in orthodox Jewish fashion, which constitutes a breach of their contract of lease.  The Court decided that the tenant must leave the house.


The Palestine Bulletin, 6 September 1926


   "Al Shurwat Al Mustakim," of Jaffa, reports that the Palestine Government ordered the arrest of a prominent rebel leader, Fares Kadmani, while he was at Acre, in accordance with a telegram from the French High Commissioner at Beirut.  Sheikh Shukeiri, the Arab sage, endeavoured to secure his release, but he was unsuccessful.  The Sheikh went to Jerusalem with the lawyer Moghannem, summoned the Government to answer for its action in Court, and the man was released.


The Palestine Bulletin, 7 September 1926


   "Mokattam" reports that the Palestine High Court has decided to consider all offenders who have any connection with the war in Syria as political offenders in which case they cannot be extradited to the French authorities when they take refuge in Palestine.


The Palestine Bulletin, 13 September 1926


HAIFA, September 13 (P.T.A.)

   The Court of Appeal (at Jerusalem) has confirmed the sentence on the son of the Mukhtar of Ata village, who was recently sentenced to death for murdering two of his neighbours.


The Palestine Bulletin, 28 September 1926


CAIRO  (P.T.A.) - The French authorities of Syria have submitted to the Egyptian Government a request for the extradition of the Emir Adel Arslan.  A similar demand was recently addressed to the Palestine Government.  It is stated, however, that Emir Asdel Arslan is neither in Egypt nor in Palestine, but among the rebels, commanding one of the bands.


The Palestine Bulletin, 28 September 1926                 [Cyprus]


   Messages from Cyprus give interesting details of the hearing in Court of a charge brought by ex-King Hussein of Hedjaz, now dwelling at Nicosia, against his secretary for embezzlement of funds. ... The secretary was found not guilty, and acquitted, the ex-King Hussein having to pay the costs of the case.


The Palestine Bulletin, 6 October 1926


Nablus. - The case of attempted bribery here has aroused much interest.  According to "Davar" an acquaintance of the merchant named Said Canaan had reported to the authorities that Said had bribed the Court in a case between his brother, Ragheb Canaan, and himself.  Investigation was held, and in the diary of the accused man dealing with legal expenses, the following entry was found: "The sum of L.E. 300: Allah will return it."  It transpired that the money was given as bribes by Abdel-Latif Bey Saleh in order to secure the cancellation of the first judgment, which confirmed Ragheb's claim for L.E. 2,000.  The man has been arrested and investigations are proceeding.


The Palestine Bulletin, 10 October 1926


   The High Court has confirmed the sentence on the editor of "Al Jezirah" for one months' imprisonment or L.E. 100 fine for having published slanders on certain people.


HAIFA, October 9 (P.T.A.)

   On October 4, the Court of Criminal Assize, under the presidency of Mr. Justice Corrie, at Tiberius tried Ali Bassan Saleh, of the Arab el Fadel tribe on a charge of having murdered Mohamed el Talagi on March 17th, 1926.  The deceased had endeavoured to rescue two Christians who were waylaid by the murderer. Sentence of death was passed.

   On October 5th.  The same Court tried Hassan Taha el Mustapha, of Lubich village, who murdered the wife of his brother, stating she had been unfaithful to her husband.  He murdered the woman by smothering her with petroleum and burning her.  Sentence of death was passed.

   On October 6th the same Court sat at Safad, trying Halil Ibrahim Hamadi, of Halassa village, near Metullah, who on October 24th, 1922, when the village was under French rule murdered Hassan el Mahmoud.  He was sentenced to five years' penal servitude, unpremeditated murder being established.

   The District Court presided over by Judge Litt, heard the case of Haer Abbas Hadder at Haifa.  Accused, of Kadder's village, was sentenced to 15 years' penal servitude for murdering Yusef Al-Mahmoud of the same village in 1922.

   On October 8th, the Court of Criminal Assize, presided over by Mr. Justice Corrie, tried the case of Osman Thimer el Sharab, of the Arab el Freikath tribe (near the Harbach village), the charge being that of the premeditated murder of Fatima Bent Mustafa of the same tribe on May 16th, 1926.  Sentence of 15 years' penal servitude was passed.


The Palestine Bulletin, 11 October 1926


   The thirteen young men charged with Communist activities who were recently sentenced for disturbing the public peace at the Offices of the Palestine Zionist Executive, have now been deported from Palestine.


The Palestine Bulletin, 12 October 1926


   An Official Gazette Extraordinary, which appeared in Jerusalem last night, publishes to text of the draft Municipal Franchise Ordinance in Palestine.  This highly important document is reproduced below in full: ...


The Palestine Bulletin, 13 October 1926


HAIFA, October 13 (P.T.A.)

   The Court of criminal Assize, presided over by Mr. Justice Corrie, sentenced to death two men of Tireh village of the four who had been charged with the murder of Ibrahim Nasr, of the same village, some months ago.  He had been murdered from motives of revenge, after being acquitted by the Courts of a charge of murder.  One of the men was acquitted, one sentenced to seven years' imprisonment owing to his youth.  The sentenced men were considerably moved when judgment was pronounced, and there was wailing outside the Court when it was made known.  On the civil claim the men will have to pay L.E. 250, to the family of the deceased.  Mr. Harry Sacher defended the case.


The Palestine Bulletin, 15 October 1926


HAIFA, October 15 (P.T.A.)

    The District Court has tried Constable Ferid Kablawi of Zichron-Jacob, charged with murder.  On April 10th he saw two fishers of Tel-Aviv fishing near Hedera with dynamite.  He arrested them, but during his interrogation they escaped in a boat, and he fired at and killed one injuring the other.  He was charged under Article 174 of the Ottoman Penal Code of murder without premeditation.  The sentence was 2 years' imprisonment, and he will have to pay L.E. 250 to the family of the deceased.


The Palestine Bulletin, 19 October 1926


HAIFA, October 19 (P.T.A.)

   A very complicated case began in the District Court here yesterday, before Judges Litt, president, and Strumza.  The case concerns a dispute on lands situated in Mount Carmel and in its vicinity between Abdul-Fattah Al-Habib of Haifa and Mr. Israel Tannenbaum.  Six advocates have been briefed.  Messrs. Sacher, Samuel and Joseph for the plaintiff, and Messrs. Eliash, Abcarius and Mockler for the defendant.  Dr. Dukhan, of the lands department, is appearing for the Government, which is the third party of the case.


The Palestine Bulletin, 20 October 1926


   "Falastin" states that Mr. A. S. Mavrogordato, Commandant of Police and Prisons in Palestine, submitted a plaint against   "Falastin" states that Mr. A. S. Mavrogordato, Commandant of Police and Prisons in Palestine, submitted a plaint against Eissa Al Eissa, proprietor of "Falastin," who had published in an Arabic newspaper an English article.  The Police Commandant declared he had no permit to do so.  Mr. Mavrogordato's plaint was dismissed by the Court, since the paper had previously published articles in English and published an English supplement at the time of Lord Balfour's visit when it was not brought to law.  Apart from this, Mr. Eissa's permit to produce a newspaper bears the inscription, "In Arabic and English." Eissa Al-Eissa reports that he has applied for permission to publish an English newspaper, so that H.E. the High Commissioner and the Colonial Officer need engage no translators to translate articles in the Arab press on the activities of the Public Security Department and the reforms needed for it.

   The newspaper also reports that Mr. Stead, Director of Customs Excise and Trade, has applied for a summons in the Courts against "Falastin" for having alluded to him improperly in one of its articles.


The Palestine Bulletin, 26 October 1926


JAFFA, October 26 (P.T.A.)

   The trial was held here yesterday by the Court of Criminal Assize of Nissim Yehia Manges, young Yemenite twenty-two years of age, who some time ago killed a friend and wounded another during a quarrel.

   The Court consisted of the Chief Justice, Sir Thomas Haycraft, Judge Copland, Judge Mani and Dr. Shebbedech.  A large crowd had assembled in the Court and outside.

  At 4 p.m. the Chief Justice read the sentence of death.  At the plea of counsel to mitigate the severity of the sentence, the Chief Justice replied that there were no sufficient points to permit of this being done.  The condemned man can appeal to the clemency of the High Commissioner.


The Palestine Bulletin, 28 October 1926


Haifa. - The hearing has been held here of a charge against a Greek and his wife, who had been charged with attempting to procure young women for unlawful purposes.  The accused were released owing to insufficient evidence, but recommended for deportation as they are foreigners.


The Palestine Bulletin, 29 October 1926


   It is stated that Sheikh Assad Shukeiri of Acre, who heads the Arab Opposition in the North, has summonsed Eissa Al Eissa, editor and proprietor of "Falastin," to appear before the Courts on a charge of having insulted him in certain articles.


The Palestine Bulletin, 2 November 1926


   "Ul Carmel" reports from Amman that the British authorities have caused the arrest of Sheikh Khalili, a Syrian rebel, and had him brought to Jerusalem for trial by the High Court.  It is stated that this arrest followed a request by the French High Commissariat.  Hassan Khaled Pasha, Transjordan Premier, and Aref Al Aref, Chief Secretary, both opposed the arrest, asking the Chief British representative to hand the sheikh over to the Transjordanian Government to be tried by them.  The Chief British representative and Peake Pasha refused, and accordingly Hassan Khaled convoked an assembly of the Executive Council to inform them of his resignation.  Aref Al Aref also tendered his resignation.  The rebel was sent to Jerusalem.  It is hard to say whether these resignations took effect, as the Emir Abdullah was at Ma'an.


The Palestine Bulletin, 2 November 1926


Tel Aviv. - Zeev Birman has been sentenced to fifty days' imprisonment for belonging to the Extreme Left Workers'' section ("Fractiva.")


The Palestine Bulletin, 5 November 1926


   The High Court of Appeal in Jerusalem has rejected the appeal of Muhammed Abu Rashid and Abed Abu Rashid, of Tireh village, who were recently sentenced in Haifa to death for murdering their neighbour Ibrahim Nassar.


The Palestine Bulletin, 15 November 1926


   The lawyer B. Ben-Aharon has summonsed to High Jewish Arbitration Court the Jewish Communal Councils of Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa, and the members of the Chief Rabbinate court on the charge that the Chief Rabbinate is continuing activity in spite of having been elected for three years only (until February, 1924).  The lawyers demands that the communal Council fix new elections, that the member of the chief Rabbinate cease in the exercise of their powers, and that the three lay advisors of the Chief Rabbinate relinquish their functions.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 November 1926


   Mustapha Khalili, the well-known Druze leader, has had an appeal of "habeas corpus" dismissed by the High Court of Jerusalem, and will be extradited to Transjordan to answer a charge of highway robbery within that territory.  Mustapha Khalili was originally arrested by a Palestine Police Officer in Transjordan territory, and brought to Jerusalem to face a claim of extradition by the French authorisers in Syria.  The arrest was held to be illegal, and Khalili was released upon an application of "habeas corpus£ by counsel at the order of the high Court.  Soon after his release, a telegram from Amman to the effect that he was "wanted" on a criminal charge - that of alleged highway robbery in Transjordan, and the High Commissioner instructed that proceedings for his extradition to Transjordan be instituted.  Khalili was arrested, and brought up before the High Court this morning.  The application was dismissed, and he is to be handed over to the Transjordan Government.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 November 1926


   "Carmel" states that the High Court of Appeal confirmed sentence of death upon Hassan Taha Al Mustapha of the village of Lubia.  The villagers and inhabitants of neighbouring villages have submitted a petition to Lord Plumer begging his intercession and clemency.


Jaffa. - The cases of two persons charged with having threatened to murder in accordance with Article 191 of the Ottoman Penal Code, took place in the Jaffa District Court.  They were a postal employee who threatened his supervisor, and a man who threatened his wife after a quarrel over family affairs.  The Court found that there was insufficient evidence for incrimination, and bound both men over in their own recognisances of L.E. 50 to keep the peace for one year.


The Palestine Bulletin, 26 November 1926


   The Court heard this week the case of Arabs who pulled down tomb-stones in the Sephardic Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives in order to make room for agricultural operations.  They were both sentenced, - one to five months' imprisonment, and the other to pay a fine of L.E. 5.  In default of the fine, he was committed to prison.  They were also fined the cost of rebuilding the tomb-stones they demolished.


The Palestine Bulletin, 29 November 1926


HAIFA, November 29 (P.T.A.)

   The District Court of Haifa, sitting at Safad, tried two policemen Ahmed Suweil and Tala Abu Hamid of Safad.  These policemen met a Moslem and his wife promenading in the local Municipal Gardens, and asserted that by walking together they were not comporting themselves in accordance with Moslem public etiquette.  They belaboured both the man and his wife.  The Court sentenced to one years' imprisonment each.


The Palestine Bulletin, 30 November 1926


   Last week the court of Appeal heard two interesting cases on land disputes: (a) Between Yussef Khouri and the government in regard to 10,000 dunams of land on the Carmel at Haifa; (b) between Ain Karem and the Wakf in regard to a piece of land in this village that reaches Beth Hakeren.  The Government was represented as a third party in the second case, and protected the rights of the village owners.  The Government gained both cases.  The Government advocate was Dr. Duchan.


The Palestine Bulletin, 2 December 1926


   The High Court at Jerusalem has heard the plaint of several residents of Tel-Aviv in regard to the right of the Municipality to transfer the collection of taxes to the Executive Office.  The plaintiff's counsel contended that as the Tel-Aviv Municipality was "a local township," the Ottoman Law permitting the collection of taxes without a Court judgment did not apply.  Mr. S. G. Kermack, who appeared for the Government, stated that the Municipal regulations of Tel-Aviv were drawn up on the basis of the English law, and indeed the right of collection was not permitted "a local township" without a Court judgment.  The High Court decreed that the Tel-Aviv Municipality has no right to transfer its tax-collections to the Executive Office without a Court order.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 December 1926


Jaffa. - The case of Hussein Al Shelbi and Rashid El Guidi, charged with robbery near Sheik Munis, was heard in the District Court on Tuesday.  They were sentenced to five and six years imprisonment and hard labour respectively.


The Palestine Bulletin, 30 December 1926


   The case of the participants in the disturbances which took place on the eve of the Jewish New Year last September, were heard in the District Court yesterday.  Nazar Ibn Thar was sentenced to imprisonment of one year and one week.  The case of Mohammed Bakr el Laudi was found subject to article 187 of criminal law (on grave crimes) and was therefore transferred to the Assize Court.  Israel Zommer and Abraham Itzhak Itzakhof were sentenced to one month's imprisonment each, and Kahnan Herbst, Bernard Peri and Benjamin Schlefer were acquitted.


The Palestine Bulletin, 31 December 1926

[Ink blot] who was accused of embezzlement was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment by the Jaffa District Court.

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