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Colonial Cases

Minor cases and commentary Palestine

The Palestine Bulletin, 12 February 1925


Haifa, February 12.  P.T.A.

In connection with the suit for damages amounting to Lst. 5.300 heard in the Haifa District Court which has been brought by Mr. Mattossian against the Customs administration and Mr. Katoni, the Court's decision was announced to-day.

   In substance, Mr. Mattossian's claim was found illegal and the defendants absolved from any liability therefore.  In addition, Mr. Mattossian must bear all expenses connected with the trial of this case.


The Palestine Bulletin, 13 February 1925

Civil No. 21/25.


Mt. Justice F. H. Baker in Chambers.
In Re The Judea Insurance Company Ltd.


In The Companies (Winding Up) Ordinance No. 21 of 1922.

After hearing the counsel for the Judea Insurance Company Ltd. And the Registrar of Companies and being satisfied that failure to hold the Statutory Meeting within the time prescribed by Section 38 of the Companies Ordinance was due to inadvertence and that it is just and equitable to afford relief: therefore by virtue and in exercise of  the powers contained in Article 39 of the before mentioned Ordinance.


  1. That an extension of 90 days from the date of this order be granted to the Company within which to hold the Statutory Meeting.
  2.  That a copy of this order be published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Palestine and one newspaper published and registered in Palestine.  A copy of the newspaper with such publication therein to be filed with this Court.
  3. That any member of the said Company who may wish to show cause why such extension should not have been granted may petition the Jerusalem District Court within seven days from the day of this publication.

Dated this 9th day of February, 1925.

(Sgd) FRANCIS H. BAKER, President, District Court Jerusalem.



The Palestine Bulletin, 16 February 1925

The Hirshorn Case.

JAFFA. - The famous case of Hirshorn, who is charged with the murder of his wife because of jealousy, will be heard to-day in the court of Assize here.




The Palestine Bulletin, 17 February 1925

Death Sentence Carried Out.

At 8 a.m. on the 17th February at the Central Jail Jerusalem, sentence of death was carried out on Mahmud Hamad Saleh, of Eddiabbeh Village, condemned to death by the Court of Criminal Assize at Jaffa on the 2nd December, 1924, sentence being confirmed by the Supreme Court on the 14th January, 1925.

   Mahamud Hamad Saleh's crime was the murder, by shooting, of his father, Hamad Salah; there had been enmity between the two men since the latter had married a second wife.


M. Zennebend To Be Deported.

The Supreme Court sitting at Jerusalem on 16th inst. dismissed the application for Habeas Corpus respecting the deportation of Mendel Zennebend, who will be accordingly deported. The hearing of the breach of promise case of Mattross ...


The Palestine Bulletin, 19 February 1925


Jaffa, February 19th. P.T.A.

The sensational case of the young Polish Jew, Hirschenhorn, tried in the Court of Assize came to a dramatic end last night, when a death sentence was passed by the Court.

   Hirschenhorn has been accused of murdering his young wife with a razor, while in a paroxysm of intense rage.  After committing the murder, Hirschenhorn mutilated the body in a ghastly manner.

   The case will not automatically go to the Supreme Court as in accordance with the "Trial Upon Information" Ordinance a sentence of more than 5 years penal servitude must be reviewed by this Court.



The Palestine Bulletin, 20 February 1925

Land Disputes.

HAIFA.  - Yesterday at the Land Court the case was heard of the Palestine Government v. the Effindi Muhammed Saleh and the Druze, the Government claiming ownership over several thousand dunams of land in the Acre area.  The Court granted the Government 15 day's time to prepare its case.

   To-day the case of the Government v. the Waqfs Administration will be heard. The dispute concerns 4000 dunams of the "Rusmich" land which is claimed by the Government.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 February 1925

Breach of Promise Case.

The hearing of the breach of promise case of Mattross v. Trachtingott was resumed before the District Court, Jaffa, on Friday. After the evidence of one of the witnesses for the Complainant was introduced, the Court was adjourned again until Friday next, the 27th inst.



The Palestine Bulletin, 25 February 1925

Italian Extradition Case.

As has been previously reported in the Palestine Bulletin, an order for extradition to Italy was granted by the High Court, Jerusalem, against Ezra Gorolshvilli and Shabbattai Chichiashvilli, upon the application of the Italian Government.

   As has also been reported in the Palestine Bulletin, Counsel for the accused presented a Petition to the Privy Council, London, for Special Leave to appeal against the order for deportation.

   The hearing of the petition before the Privy Council took place yesterday, the 24th instant, and according to telegraphic information received by Counsel for the accused, the Privy Council has granted the application for Special Leave to Appeal.  The hearing of the formal appeal will come to in due course.  Security for the Appeal was given in the sum of Four Hundred Pounds Sterling and the Privy Council recommended that bail be allowed the accused.

   This morning, Mr. Harry Sacher, on behalf of the accused, petitioned the High Court for bail for the accused.

   This is the first time in legal history that such a step has been taken by the Privy Council in regard to an extradition case in the Colonies and the case will now arouse very great interest in legal circles.



The Palestine Bulletin, 1 March 1925

Libel Suit.

Haifa. - The suit of damages brought by Mr. Bustani against Mr. Zakka, editor of "Anafir" whom he accuses of publishing libellous articles in the newspaper, will be heard in the District Court here on the 17th of March.

   The first trial of the case resulted in Mr. Zakka's acquittal, but the decision was appealed and will be heard again.



The Palestine Bulletin, 4 March 1925

Press Law Violated.

Haifa. - The District Court has heard the case of one of the local printers who printed a pamphlet without sending a copy to the Governor and the C.I.D. as required by the Press Law.  The accused explained that he had no knowledge of this Law.  He w as sentenced to pay a fine of L. E. 1 and costs.



The Palestine Bulletin, 9 March 1925

Gorashvilly On Bail.

Mr. Gorlashville and his brother-in-law gave been released by the High Court on bail, pending the hearing of the appeal made by their Counsel, Mr. H. Sacher, before the Privy Council in London.


The Palestine Bulletin, 12 March 1925

Assassins of Safad Mufti Surrendered.

The five Druze, who were sentenced to death in absence for the assassinating the Mufti of Sadad in 1920, have surrendered themselves to the Authorities.  According to their story they were stranded in Syria for several years.

   The case will be heard again by the District Court in Haifa.  Abcarius Bey of Jerusalem will be counsel for defence.


The Palestine Bulletin, 13 March 1925

Extradition of Bandit.

Haifa. - The notorious brigand Diab El Osman, of Arab, Upper Galilee, has been discovered in Syria and extradited by the Palestine Government.  He was condemned to 15 years imprisonment for brigandage in 1920.

   The bandit, Wad Hayam, of the same village, has also been found by the Police.  He was sentenced, in absence to 15 years imprisonment for brigandage.

Breach Of Promise Case.

The District Court bin Jaffa has announced the decision in the breach of promise case of Mattress v. Trachtingott.  The decision is in favour of the defendant, Mr. Trachtingott.  



The Palestine Bulletin, 17 March 1925

 15 Years Penal Servitude for Robberies.

The case of Mohamed Aby Farakhat, who has been charged with committing robberies in the vicinity of Hartieh near Haifa, was heard on Friday, the 13th instant in the District Court here.

   In announcing his decision to sentence the robber to 25 years of penal servitude, the Court stated, that the sentence is heavy, because the defendant is a second offender, having been found guilty on a previous occasion in the District Court at Nablus.


The Palestine Bulletin, 18 March 1925

Bustani v. Zaka.

Haifa. - The libel suit brought by Mr. Bustani against Mr. Eliahu Zaka, the editor of "An-Nafir," was heard in the District Court here yesterday.  Mr. Bustani charged Mr. Zaka with publishing libellous articles in the newspaper in connection with the well known memorandum of the Sheikhs of Beth Shean submitted to the high Commissioner.

   The decision of the Court was in favour of the plaintiff, and Mr. Zaka was ordered to pay a fine of p50 and p1 "domage d'interet" to Mr. Bustani.


The Palestine Bulletin, 22 March 1925

Government Wins In Rushimieh Case.

Haifa. - The Land Court here has given its decision in the case of the Rushimieh lands, which are claimed by the Moslem Wafd Administration.  The Court has rejected the claim.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 March 1925

At The Haifa Court.

Haifa. - The case of M. Ganizuzki who ran over an old woman while driving his carriage, which caused her death, has been heard at the District Court here. And the speech of the counsel for the defence, the Court acquitted the defendant.


The Palestine Bulletin, 27 March 1925

Editor of "Haaretz" Summoned.

Dr. M. Glikson, editor of the "Haaretz" has been summoned to appear in the High Court on charge of contempt of Court in connection with  several articles published in his paper criticising from judicial and moral point of view the death sentence on Zvi  Hirschorn (found guilty of murdering his wife)  by the District Court of Jaffa.  The case was to be heard yesterday but was postponed for technical reasons.


The Palestine Bulletin, 1 April 1925

Editor Fined.

Mr. Glikson the editor of "Harretz" was sentenced by the High Court yesterday to a 15 Pounds' fine for publishing articles containing criticism of the sentence imposed upon Zvi Hirschorn; the author of these articles was fined Lst. 10.


The Palestine Bulletin, 13 April 1925

Mr. Hani Misleh, teacher in the Government school of Shefamr, , who has been arrested for participating in an anti-Government demonstration and for delivering an anti-Balfour speech on the day of Lord Balfour's arrival, will be tried by the local Court shortly.


The Palestine Bulletin, 27 April 1925

Want Hebrew In Court.

Haifa. - Deep resentment is felt among the Jewish population here in view of the failure of the Government to appoint as Jewish judge and clerks in the local Magistrate Court. Considerable hardship and difficulties are experienced by the Jews having any dealing with the Court, as all procedures and documents are conducted in Arabic, which most of the Jews do not understand.

   Proper representations have been made to the Government on several occasions, but so far the situation has not been remedied.


The Times, 6 December 1949

... and in the creation of a nine-Power consular court for the settlement of disputes. ...


The Palestine Bulletin, 7 May 1930

In Court.


The second appeal was dismissed of Sayid Ibrahim Irani of  Zarmoulka village, who was found guilty of murder with premeditation of Said Sasbaji who married the prisoner's divorced wife.  This is the second time that Irani's appeal against the death sentence has been upheld.

   The Court after hearing the speech of Counsel for the Defence and Counsel for the Attorney General consulted together and upheld the death sentence.

   The women relatives of the accused stood outside the Court beating their breasts and wailing.


Arieh Levy and Ben Nahoumy were brought before the District Court on the charge of having distributed pamphlets of a seditious nature in the Mizrahi College when the students were in the school.  The students who saw the accused distributing the pamphlets gave evidence against the accused and were followed by the police Constable who arrested the accused. The case stands adjourned.


The appeal of Ahmed Habib who was sentenced to death at Haifa for the murder of his sister, was heard yesterday.  The accused had pleaded guilty before the Assize Court and had been sentenced to death, but there had been a recommendation to the High Commissioner to commute the death sentence.  The Court of Appeal, after hearing the argument of Counsel for the defence, Mr. Wadia Bustani, upheld the death sentence but stated that it accepted the recommendation of mercy of the lower Court, and would forward it to the High Commissioner.


The case against Sabah Effendi Said, who is charged with subornation of witnesses when he was sitting as Magistrate, was continued yesterday and is likely to be continued to-day.  The accused gave evidence in his own defence and quoted authority to shew that he was justified in committing the two witnesses for trial.

The Palestine Bulletin, 29 December 1932


Before the Chief Justice, Frumkin and Khayat, JJ.

Fanny Cornue v.  Ali el Sheikh and Others.

The hearing of the appeal was continued in this case where the District Court of Jaffa had held that a certain contract of Musakat (whereby according to the Mejelle, one person supplied labour and another land and trees, the profits being divided between them) and of lease which might, under certain conditions, such as locusts, floods, etc., last for a term exceeding 3 years, came under Section 2 of the Land Transfer Ordinance, and had to be registered.

    The Court held that lack of registration rendered the whole contract void, including a clause which it contained providing for the appointment of an arbitrator in case of dispute.  The Respondents had not concluded their reply when the Court adjourned.

   Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Moyal represented the Appellants. [line missing.]


 Before Judges Plunkett, Mejid Abdul Hadi and Senior Magistrate Brady sitting as a Member of the court.

Attorney General v. Salim el Hamadin.

Sentence of 5 years' pen al servitude was passed by the District Court on the accused for killing a bedouin, who was engaged to marry a girl with whom the accused was in love.

   Evidence was given that the accused had asked the girl's parents to give her to him in marriage.  He was refused on the ground that she was already engaged.  On the night of the tragedy the accused went into the tent of the girl's parents and was followed there by the man they had chosen for the girl.  A quarrel broke out between the rivals during which the accused stabbed his opponent to death.


   The District Court of Jerusalem sentenced Herzel Vexler, a young student of the Hebrew University to 3 months' imprisonment for being in possession of seditious literature.  He was also ordered to produce a bond with [line missing.]


Place of Presentment of Promissory Notes.

Eleazar v. Kacheyoff.

The plaintiff in this case sued the Defendant on a note which was given by the Defendant to the Plaintiff on the 9th of August, 1930.  At the bottom of the note was written the following: "Payable at the Anglo-Palestine Bank, Jerusalem."  The Plaintiff, however, did not present it at the bank, but presented it to the Defendant in person. Plaintiff refused to pay the note on the ground that it was not presented at the bank as was agreed.

   .... [line missing] note is in the body of it made payable at a particular place it must be presented for payment at that place in order to render the maker of it liable.  In any other case presentment for payment is not necessary in order to render the maker liable.  It is further provided by Section 87 (3) that where a note is in the body made payable at a particular place, presentment at that place is necessary in order to render an endorser liable, but when a place of payment is indicated by way of memorandum only presentment at that place is sufficient to render an endorser liable, but a presentment to the maker elsewhere followed by protest, if sufficient in other respects shall suffice.


His Worship the Magistrate held that the words "Payable at the Anglo-Palestine Bank, Jerusalem," appearing at the foot of the note and beneath the maker's signature, were not to be treated as being on the body of the note, but as mere memorandum not forming part of the contract.  He relied on the English cases, Masters v. Baratto, 1849, 8 C.B. 433 and Richards v. Milaington of (Lord) 1816 Holt, N.P. 364.

The Palestine Post, 2 December 1932

Three Cases in District Court.

Two men were sentenced on Wednesday to long terms of imprisonment for murder and one to a three-month's period, in the District Court of Jaffa, by Judge Copland.

   Charged with stabbing to death his bosom friend, Abou Aafash, in a quarrel arising from friendly horse-play,  Mahmed El Musri received a twelve year sentence.

Man Who Stabbed Sister.

   Five year imprisonment was given to Ahmed Khalil Thalabi, of the village of Sheikh Mouris, who was found guilty of stabbing his sister to death.  Judge Copland explained that the sentence was lightened because the accused had confessed.  He had committed the crime in a fit of rage over his sister's admission that she had been friendly with a man who, she said, had promised to marry her.

   A three months sentence and a severe rebuke were meted out to Shukri Ousta Boushi, who, while under the influence of liquor in a cafe, attacked with a dagger and wounded an Arab Christian who is alleged to have cursed the Mohammedan religion.


The Palestine Bulletin, 30 April 1925

A Squabble.

Haifa. - A quarrel occurred between the Moslem inhabitants of Jebed, near Athlit last Friday, when they gathered in the street singing and dancing on the occasion of Bairam. A free fight ensued and seven villages were beaten with s ticks. Police arrived from Haifa, restored order and arrested 21 persons. On Monday they were tried by the Magistrates Court here, as a result of which 14 were sentenced to one month's imprisonment and 7 to 25 days' imprisonment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 1 May 1925


Haifa. - The Notorious brigand Diab El Osman has been sentenced by the District Court here to 5 years' imprisonment for acts of brigandage in the vicinity of Safad.  Diab El Osman succeeded in escaping to Transjordan but was delivered with the Transjordan Authorities


The Palestine Bulletin, 3 May 1925


It is officially announced that the purpose of this Ordinance which was published as a Bill, is to enable His Majesty's Government to accede on behalf of Palestine to the International Conventions in regard to the traffic of women and children for immoral purposes; and it is therefore necessary to enact certain additions which are in accordance with the requirements of the International Conventions.

   It is recognized that the chapter of the Ottoman Penal Code dealing with offences against woman and children requires further considerable addition and amendment; and that matter is receiving the immediate attention of the government.


The Palestine Bulletin, 5 May 1925


HAIFA, Monday.

The case of the Mukhtar of Shutta (Beisan area) and his two sons was heard by the District Court here recently.  They were accused of having murdered the wife of the elder son who was suspected of not being true to her husband.

   The Mukhtar was sentenced to 15 years' hard labour, and the younger son to three and the older son to two years' hard labour.


The Palestine Bulletin, 19 May 1925


Judgment was deferred in the case of the stamp forgery which came before Chief Justice Sir Thomas W. Haycraft and Justices O. C .K. Corrie and G. Frumkin in the Supreme Court yesterday, when Messrs Moshe Vissoker and Shlomo Pollack appealed against sentences of seven years and one and a half years hard labour respectively.  It was mentioned that the case was the first of its kind in Palestine.

   Dr. M. Eliash appeared on behalf of Pollack and N. Abcarius Bey on behalf of Vissoker, the prosecution being represented by Mr. S. G. Kermack, the Government Advocate.


The Palestine Bulletin, 21 May 1925


The Court of Appeal refused the application of Mr. Hirshhorn's counsel for a medical examination of Mr. Hirshhorn, who, it is said, is insane, and will proceed with the hearing of the case on Monday next.  Mr. Hirshhorn has been sentenced to death by the Court of Assize in Jaffa for the murder of his wife, and the sentence must be reviewed by the Court of Appeal, according to Law.


The Palestine Bulletin, 24 May 1925


Haifa. - Mr. Zakka, the editor of "Annafir" has been fined P. T. 100 by the Court for having printed in his press communist proclamations without giving the name of the printing press.



Haifa. - An Arab who had been stealing shoes from the local Mosque, has been sentenced by the District Court here to three month's imprisonment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 May 1925


Haifa. - The District Court here heard last week the case of several well-known persons in Haifa, Haj Halil Taha and his brother Hussein Taha, advocate Mahmud El Talib, Isaac Shirisli, former Tabu officer at Haifa, and others who were accused of illegal land transactions.  The proceedings lasted two days.  Haj Halif Taha has been fined L. E. 75 and Mr. Shirislie L. E. 20, and Mr. Levy has been sentenced to three months' hard labour.  The others have been acquitted.

   The case caused a sensation here.


The Palestine Bulletin, 26 May 1925


Hebron. - The district Court in its session here has sentenced Giumasr El Tshura to four years' imprisonment for having entered the Women Teachers' Home at the Government School and stolen their jewels.  The defendant has already been tried for theft on previous occasions.



The Palestine Bulletin, 3 June 1925


The Court of Appeal yesterday pronounced its decision in the case of Hirshorn, who has been sentenced by the Court of Assize to death for having murdered his wife most brutally in a fit of jealousy at Tel Aviv a few months ago.  In reviewing the case, the Court agreed with the arguments advanced by Dr. Eliash, Counsel for the defence, that certain conditions existed, lessening the guilt of the offender and therefore commuted the death sentence to 15 year's imprisonment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 5 June 1925


Haifa, (P.T.A.)

The District Court here has sentenced Yad Abdel Aziz to two months' imprisonment for striking a policeman in the performance of his official duties.




The Palestine Bulletin, 11 June 1925


Tel Aviv. - The Magistrate Court here has sentenced to 5 and 7 days imprisonment several workers of the General Jewish Labour Federation who were charged with interfering with the work of the Mizrahi labourers at the Commercial Centre last week.


A quarrel occurred at the old City Tuesday morning between Tokfoli Stranik, an Armenian, and Abdu El Masri, an Egyptian, over P. T. 17, which Stranik demanded from El Masri.  The latter refused to pay.  Stranik then assaulted him, kicking viciously below the belt, until the man dropped dead.

   The murderer has been arrested by the Police.


The Palestine Bulletin, 16 June 1925


NAZARETH, June 16.  (P.T.A.)

The District Court is now engaged in hearing the cases of only three of the accused.  Messrs. Fas and Segal of Balfouria, and Mr. Mari, a Moslem clerk of the Palestine Land development Co., who are charged with the murder of Muhamed Yiusef El Abed.   The alleged crime comes under the Articles 174-180 of the criminal code which provides imprisonment not to exceed 15 years.

   Yesterday, the first day of the hearing, the testimony of six witnesses for the prosecution was taken.   It is expected, that the prosecution will complete the examination of its witnesses for the defence will begin to offer their evidence.

   Dr. Zlocisti of Tel Aviv, has been invited by the defence to act as medical expert in the case.


The Palestine Bulletin, 16 June 1925


It is officially announced that at 8 a.m. to-day, at the Jerusalem jail, sentence of death was carried out on named Aby Hamed El Masri, Wasta Valley, near Petah Tikvah, condemned to death by the Court of Criminal Assize at Jaffa on the 9th February, sentence being confirmed by the Court of Appeal on the 19th May.

   The crime for which Named Aby Hamed El Masri has suffered the death penalty was the murder of Mohamed Sadek Shami on the night of the 9th October, 1924.


The Palestine Bulletin, 18 June 1925.




The Palestine Bulletin, 18 June 1925


At the hearing of the case yesterday here, the counsel for the defence raised the question of contempt of Court on the part of the Government by the publication of an official communique anticipating the Court's findings in the case of Sailis and Matouk. The Judge pointed out that this matter should be referred to the High Court.

   Mr. F. A. Partridge, District Commandant of Police, Mr. Lamont and police constable No. 9 gave evidence for the prosecution.  The Court adjourned until Friday.


The Palestine Bulletin, 19 June 1925



Immediately after the sentences in the Afuleh case were delivered yesterday, the presiding judge announced the decision of the Court to allow the release of Mr. Paz upon the deposit of L. E. 100 as bail.  Mr. Paz received a sentence of six month's penal servitude, but his lawyers are submitting an appeal.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 June 1925


HAIFA, June 23.  (P.T.A.)

Judgment was delivered here yesterday by the Land Court in the case of Mr.  Joseph Houri v. the Palestine Government in regard to the title to the Yadjur lands on the Carmel.

   Mr. Houri's claim was rejected and the government therefore is now the legal possessor of about 10,000 dunams of partly afforested lands situated on the Carmel above the village of Yadjur.


The Palestine Bulletin, 29 June 1925


The above case will, it is anticipated, come on for hearing after the legal Vacation.  It was last set down for hearing on the 20th of April after an undertaking had been given by Mr. Ben Avi, who was charged as the responsible editor of the Doar Hayom, to withdraw in Court all charges forming the subject of the accusation, to apologise, and to pay a sum to an agreed charity.

   On the appointed date Mr. Ben Avi did not appear in Court, because, as explained by him and stated in a letter in the "Doatr Hayom," his colleagues on the Board of Directors opposed the course he desired to take.   As a consequence, Mr. Ben Avi, the accused, tendered his resignation as editor of the "Doar Hayom" and has left the country.

   Owing to the congested state of business in the District Court, and the absence of Mr. Ben Avi, it has been impossible up to the present to fix a date for hearing, but the case will be proceeded with as soon as possible after the Vacation.


The Palestine Bulletin, 5 July 1925


HAIFA. - Nagib Ibn Ai, a local merchant, has been sentenced by the Court to 15 days' imprisonment for offering a bribe of L. 30 to one of the local Municipal officials when the latter came to confiscate bad cheese in his grocery.  The L. 30, which figured as evidence, was also confiscated by the Court.



Haifa. - The case of Z. Birman, charged with publishing a weekly with an extreme left leaning without securing the necessary permit, will be heard by the District Court here on the 9th inst.


The Palestine Bulletin, 6 July 1925


HEBRON, July 6. (P.T.A.)

The Session of the Court of Assize will be held here to-day composed of the Chief Justice Sir Thomas Haycraft and members of the Jerusalem District Court.  The case of Hassim Salim Yassar accused of attempting to assassinate Mr. Abramson, the District Commissioner of the Southern District at that time, and Mr. Bailey, will be tried by the Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday, the 8th of July.


The Palestine Bulletin, 14 July 1925

Civil No. 133/25.


In the District Court of Jerusalem.

In the Matter of Samuel Sabbath, deceased.

By virtue of an order of the District Court of Jerusalem, bearing date 120th July, 1925,  I do hereby cite all and all manner persons to appear in the said Court in ten days from this date of publication hereof, and shew cause, if they have any,  why an order of administration of all and singular moveable property, rights, credits, and bulk immovable property of [Samuel Sabbath] should not be granted unto Rivkeh Sabath, Haifa, , as, in default, the court will proceed to grant the same accordingly. Dated this 10th day of July, 1925.

(Signed) Francis H. Baker, President, District Court, Jerusalem.

Civil 134/25.

Citation, &c.

BENJAMIN MOSESON (Moshison), to Harry Sacher, Barrister-at-Law, Jerusalem.


The Palestine Bulletin, 14 July 1925


It is officially communicated that on the 14th July, at 8 and 9 a.m. respectively, sentence of death was carried out at Acre Jail upon Yousef Suliman Mustafa and Suliman Wadhan Suliman, condemned to death by the Court of Criminal Assize at Jenin on the 29th April, 1925, sentence being conformed by the Supreme Court on the 8th of June.

   The crime for which the above-named have suffered was the cold-blooded murder on the 30th December, 1924, in the act of robbery, of and Armenian miller of El-Asy and his wife.

   The motive for the crime is believed to have been a feud of long standing.



The Palestine Bulletin, 16 July 1925


The case of Police Inspector Lemont was heard on the 13th inst.  at the British Magistrates Court. Mr. Mansour and other witnesses testified to the effect, that he, Mansour, was beaten by Police Inspector Lemont in the presence of Major Partridge and other Police officers in the premises of the Meah Shearim Police station.

   The accused, however, gave evidence, which was corroborated by Major Partridge and Police Inspector Tidhar, that Mr. Mansour was only vigorously pushed back with an open hand by Police Inspector Lemont, because of interrupting examination proceedings, and not beaten, was shown by other witnesses.  The British Magistrate, Mr. Drayton, who was trying the case, dismissed the charge.


The Palestine Bulletin, 22 July 1925


Last Friday the Supreme Court dismissed the case of appeal by the editor of "La Falastin" of Jaffa, but gave him the right of appeal to the Privy Council, should he so desire.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 July 1925


ACRE, July 23 (P.T.A.)

The Northern District Court here, has sentenced to 15 years penal servitude Mahmoud Nimr, who was found guilty of premeditated murder committed six years ago.


The Palestine Bulletin, 26 July 1925


The District Court announced yesterday its decision in the case of Hussein Amro who was charged with having attempted to kill with premeditation the District Officer of Hebron, Mr. Bailey, on the night of the 14th of June, 1925. The offender has been sentenced to seven years' penal servitude.


The Palestine Bulletin, 27 July 1925


We publish below the full sentence in the Hebron Case which was read by the President of the District Court on Saturday last.

   It was argued by your counsel that whatever you were under the influence and led away by a person of the name of Sheikh Talib Maraka and I am of opinion that from the evidence of the witnesses Ismael Omar and Abdallah Ahmad Yacoob El Natuhi and your confession supported bib the evidence of Sheikh Eff. Abdul Hadi that such was the case; whether the said Sheikh Talib did in fact suggest to you that you should fire at Mr. Bailey or Mr. Bailey's house there is no evidence to show; there is however evidence that the said Sheikh was other than friendly disposed to Mr. Bailey and I am of opinion that in view of the statements of accused and the other evidence in the case the Police should have interrogated this taken his trial alongside you or a non-lieu entered in his favour.  Whatever influence, however, the said Sheikh brought to bear on you it is no legal excuse for your crime.  I am of opinion however it should be considered by me before passing sentence.

   The sentence prescribed by Art. 170 is temporary correct for not less than 10 years but in view of the above circumstances and in consideration of your age, you are sentenced to seven years penal servitude, sentence to run from date of judgment and pay the costs of the prosecution.

   Judgment in presence and subject to appeal.


The Palestine Bulletin, 3 August 1925


The case of the group of Arabs who were arrested last Wednesday for fighting, resulting from a family feud, has been tried by the Magistrate Court here (Jerusalem).  Six f them have been sentenced to 6 months imprisonment each.


The Palestine Bulletin, 3 August 1925


A Rumanian named Gregorenko has been arrested in Shanghai on charges of complicity of the bribery of an official by Dr. Fortunatov, the physician attached to the Soviet Consulate. Gregorenko will be brought before the Mixed Court.


The Palestine Bulletin, 9 August 1925


Jaffa. - A group of Arabs attacked last Thursday Jona Jorkovsky, a camel driver, near the Auja river. They assaulted him with sticks and stones and injured him. The attackers were immediately brought before the Magistrate's Court here.  One of them was sentenced to 15 days and three to 20 days' imprisonment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 10 August 1925


We understand that the appeal in the Afuleh case will be heard in the Jerusalem Court of Appeal on the 26th inst.  Mr. Segal the condemned, who is appealing against the judgment, has been sent to Jerusalem from the Acre Jail.


The Palestine Bulletin, 11 August 1925


On the night of the 10th inst. two Hebronites and a felah of the Jerusalem sub-District informed Police Inspector Ischask El Asali  that the absconded offender Fannoun Mahmoud of Annabi village, the brother of the famous brigand, Ahmed Mahmud, leader of the Abu Sirhid gang, who was killed by the Police in 1922 in the Ramleh sub-district will be found in the morning in a cave situated between the Lifta-Ramallah main road.  At 3.30 a.m. the same morning Inspector Ischak El Masal, accompanied by seven mounted Police constables, proceeded to the cave and at about 6 a.m., as they entered the cave, they heard a noise in the cave and the officer shouted to the brigands to surrender.  One of the brigands instead fired at the Police, and it is presumed that he was shot dead by another brigand who was in the cave and who also had opened fire at the Police.  He was shot dead in the head.  It appeared later, that the first brigand was one of the three informants.  The second brigand was identified by Mr.  Arshak Garibidian by his long hair by Fachri Bey Nashashabi who was held up and fired at on the same night on his return from Ramallah, and by Mr. Sassun Levy who was wounded and robbed in his house on the 7th inst.  The informants are two persons who were employed by the guarantors to find out the whereabouts of Fannoun and were promised a reward.  Fannoun was previously charged with theft with violence on the 30th March, 1925, and released on bail for L. E. 200, but failed to appear before the court on the day of the trial.  The Court sentenced the guarantors to pay the bail, which sentence was appealed.


The Palestine Bulletin, 16 August 1925


A reply has been received by the Jewish Women's Union for Equal Rights from the Colonial Office to their question regarding the right for women to appear as advocates in the Palestine Courts.  The reply states that the Colonial Office will decide upon this question upon learning the opinion of the new High Commissioner, Lord Plomer.


The Palestine Bulletin, 17 August 1925


The relatives of the Arab who was shot dead at Hedera by watchmen who caught him in the act of robbery, have presented a petition to the Attorney General and to the Chief Justice against the manner in which the case has been conducted.  They protest that the Zichron-Jacob police arrested witnesses, relatives of the deceased, and starved them in custody.  Such treatment was likely to cause other witnesses to refrain from appearing at the hearing.

   The petitioners also protect that Jewish police and investigators are concerned in the case and that the hearing will be held in Haifa.  The journey to Haifa from Tulkarem will prove very expensive to witnesses.  They request the transfer of the Court from Haifa to Tulkarem and the appointment of a non-Jewish investigator.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 August 1925


HAIFA, August 23. (P.T.A.) 

The District Court here revised yesterday the case of the ten workers, sentenced on Thursday to one week imprisonment and to a fine of P50 each, and confirmed the sentence.  They were sent to Acre in chains.


The Palestine Bulletin, 27 August 1925


Tel-Aviv.  - The case of the Arab who was arrested here while illegally carrying a revolver was heard by the Government Magistrate's Court.  The man who was sentenced to a month's imprisonment, leniency being taken into account of his youthful years.


The Palestine Bulletin, 28 August 1925


The hearing of the appeal of Mr. Segal, who has been condemned to 12 year's imprisonment in the well-known Afuleh case, was begun in the Court of Appeal here yesterday.


Hederah. - The four watchmen (two Jews and two Arabs), who were arrested in connection with the incident which occurred here a few weeks ago, have been sent to Acre jail.  The Arabs who were previously suspected have now been released and will appear in the case as witnesses.


The Palestine Bulletin, 31 August 1925


The appeal will be heard tomorrow in the High Court here of two Polish Jews who had become bankrupt in Germany and whose extradition had been requested by the German Government.  The Court at Jaffa passed an order to fulfil the demand of the German Government and instructed that they should be extradited.

   But a fine legal point arose:  The Extradition Law between England and Germany, which existed before the war, was approved for post-war application by the Versailles Treaty.  This Law should also be applicable to Palestine, and accordingly offenders demanded by the German Government are liable to extradition.  No steps have been taken, however, to renew the Law by a Palestine Order-in-Council, and the question has arisen as to whether the Law has authority.



The Palestine Bulletin, 8 September 1925


Haifa, September 28 (P.T.A.)

The 20 workers, released on bail, were summoned to the Court, where the Public prosecutor handed over to them the indictment.




The Palestine Bulletin, 10 September 1925


HAIFA, September 10 (P.T.A.)

The case of the 20 workers arrested on August 23rd at Mr. Nirnstein's house was heard to-day at 9 a.m.  More than 20 witnesses were called for the prosecution, and 25 for the defence.  The indictment was read, accusing them under Art. 6 Illegal Assembles, and Art. 114, opposing the Police with force.  Mr. H. B. Samuel, advocate for the defence, requested the annulment of Art. 6 as the examining judge had annulled it.  The Court agreed.

   The Public prosecutor, after this rescindment, asked for the release of seven of the workers, as there is no evidence as to whether they opposed the Police.  The Court complied with this demand.


The Palestine Bulletin, 11 September 1925


HAIFA, September 11 (P.T.A.)

After the release of some of the workers, the interrogation of some of the witnesses for the prosecution commenced.  None of them was sure that the accused were the persons who threw stones at the Police.  The Police Officers Kremer and Faragi were also not sure that the accused threw stones at them.  Mr. Faragi, in his evidence, admitted that he went beyond the Police Ordinances in many respects; and that he, who appears in the Court as wiriness, conducted the identification, and that he beat three of the accused in prison.  It was made clear from his evidence that the identification was not conducted as required, and the accused were not placed among others.  Mr. Sinclair, the Northern Commandant of Police, also appears in the case.



The Palestine Bulletin, 13 September 1925


The High Court of Justice has rejected the appeal of the Tel Aviv workers Finkel and Schiff against the decision of the Jaffa District Court, which employed the "Prevention of Crime Ordinance" in their trial a few weeks ago, when they were summoned in connection with a strike at Tel-Aviv.  They have now to present a deposit as guarantee of their conduct, according to the District Court's decision, or to go to prison.


The Palestine Bulletin, 13 September 1925


Jaffa. - An Arab has been sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment for the theft of a handbag. 

   Charged with having endeavoured to bribe a policeman, an Arab has been fined L. E. 2.  The bribe was confiscated.

   Abdel Majid Hittim has been sentenced to three months imprisonment by the Court here for stealing silks from a shop at Tel-Aviv.



The Palestine Bulletin, 15 September 1925


Jaffa. - The case of the driver Teitelbaum charged with having run over and killed a little girl in Allenby Street, Tel-Aviv, some months ago, was heard at the Jaffa District Court on Sunday.

   After having heard the evidence and counsel, the judges stated they were of opinion that the driver manoeuvred his car in zig-zag fashion, against the laws of safety to the public, and that he could have seen the girl, as she passed in front of him twice.  He was found guilty under Article 182 of the Ottoman penal Code with manslaughter and sentenced to six months' imprisonment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 21 September 1925


HAIFA, September 21 (P.T.A.)

In the presence of a large audience, Police Officers and men, the judgment, comprising five pages, in the case of the workers was read in the District Court here.  The Court, having no sufficient evidence against the accused acquitted them.


The Palestine Bulletin, 21 September 1925

Civil 126/25


Mr. Justice F. H. Baker, in Chambers.

In re The Central Bank of Co-operative Institutions in Palestine Limited


In re The Companies Ordinance 1921-1924.

After hearing the counsel for the Central Bank of Cooperative Institutions in Palestine Ltd and the Registrar of Companies and being satisfied that failure to file with the Registrar of Companies the return required by Section 28 of the Companies ordinance of 1921 and the return of allotments required by Section 60 of the Companies Ordinance 1921 was due to inadvertence and that it is just and equitable to grant relief; therefore by virtue and in exercise of the powers contained in Art. 89 of the before mentioned Ordinance:


  1. That an extension of  30 days from the date of publication of this order be granted to the Company in which to file the said returns;
  2. That a copy of this order be published in the official gazette of the Government of Palestine and one newspaper published and registered in Palestine, a copy of such newspaper with the publication therein to be filed in this court.
  3. That any member of the said Company who may desire to show cause why such extension should not have been granted may petition the Jerusalem District Court within seven days from the date of this publication.

HARRY SACHER, Barrister-at-Law, Jerusalem.

FRANCIS H. BAKER. President, District Court Jerusalem.


The Palestine Bulletin, 22 September 1925.


HAIFA, September 22 (P.T.A.)

Corporal Jelai was arrested yesterday, after the judgment in the workers case was given. It is stated that this is a consequence of the evidence he gave in Court.


The Palestine Bulletin, 30 September 1925


Tel-Aviv. - Mr. B. Katzenelson, editor of "Davar," The Palestine Labour daily, has been summonsed to law on account of an article written in connection with the recent Labour troubles at Haifa.  The case commenced last Thursday at the Government magistrate's Court at Tel-Aviv. 

   The indictment reads that Article 28 of the Ottoman Penal Code was transgressed.  Mr. A. Ben-David, a Jaffa police officer stated that the article in question was a libel in justice generally and on the President of the Jaffa District Court particularly.  The indictment was confirmed and passed to the Jaffa District Court.

   To a question by the defendant as to whether it was legal for the plaintiff (the President of the Jaffa District Court) to appear both as judge and witness in the case, the magistrate replied that the President would probably not appear in the case.

   Article 28 of the Code provides for libel on the Royal Family, the Army, the Police, Government Officials, Law Courts and Consuls.  Imprisonment of six months and more or a fine not exceeding L. E., or both, is the penalty.


The Palestine Bulletin, 7 October 1925


HAIFA. - Corporal Galai, the Jewish Policeman who was arrested soon after the conclusion of the Haifa workingmen's case, is still in custody, despite the attempts of his lawyer, Mr. Kaiserman, to secure bail. The policeman has now been in the lock-up sixteen days.

   The magistrate brought the demand for bail to the notice of the Public prosecutor, who informed the President of the District Court.  When his Honour consulted the District Commissioner of Police, he was informed that the latter was not in agreement with any release on bail. A definite reply is being awaited.


The Palestine Bulletin, 11 October 1925



Corp. Galai was released Wednesday from prison by the order of the President of the District Court.



Nablus.  -  Judgment in the case of assault, when local residents threw stones at and injured tourists visiting the Paschal sacrifices at Passover of the Samaritans on Mount Gerizim, was delivered last week by the District Court here.  The Moslem-Christian Association had furnished Counsel for the defendants. One of the accused was sentenced to six months' imprisonment, three to four months, four to three months, while four were acquitted.  No right of appeal was given.


The Palestine Bulletin, 13 October 1925


HAIFA, October 13 (P.T.A.)

The case of Corporal Galai will be heard in the District Court on the 22nd inst.

   Corporal Galai has lodged a complaint against Mr. Sinclair the police Commandant, who held him in prison for 10 days without having an order of arrest from the Magistrate's Court.


The Palestine Bulletin, 16 October 1925


HAIFA, October 16 (P.T.A.)

   The case of three Arab strikers accused by one of the employers of not allowing him to bring strike-breakers was heard yesterday at the Magistrate's Court here.  The accused were sentenced to one week's imprisonment each.



The Palestine Bulletin, 18 October 1925


We are given to understand that the criminal complaints brought by the three labourers, Hafter, Cohen, and Valinsky against Mr. Faraday for assaulting them in the Police Barracks at Haifa has been referred to the Attorney General, and that competent authorities are now considering whether the charges shall b34 proceeded with o5 whether on the other hand a nolle prosequi shall be given.  On a recent occasion, when a charge of assault was made against a Police Officer, the case was duly heard and the officer in question acquitted.


Jaffa. - Khalil Ibrahim Bamia, who murdered his grandmother, was sentenced by the Jaffa District Court to twenty years' penal servitude.  The Court, however, later took into consideration that fact that the accused had not reached his majority, and further that the murder was unpremeditated, and reduced sentence to five years.


The Palestine Bulletin, 20 October 1925


HAIFA, Oct. 20 (P.T.A.)

   The Jewish guard Zvi Aronson of Hederah and the two Arab guards, arrested in connection with the incident at Hederah in August, were called yesterday to the Public Prosecutor, who informed them that they were summoned to the Court on a charge of unpremeditated homicide, under Art. 174 of the Ottoman penal Code.


The Palestine Bulletin, 21 October 1925


   The District Court has notified Mr. Ittamar Ben Avi, Chief Editor of "Doar Hayom" that the hearing of the case of Dr. Arthur Ruppin versus "Doar Hayom" has been fixed for the 26th instant.  We understand that Mr. Ben-Avi had not intended to proceed abroad, and the case will be heard on the fixed date.



The Palestine Bulletin, 22 October 1925


   In the High Court on Tuesday, before the Chief Justice and Mr. Justice Corrie, Mr. H. B. Samuel applied for the transfer of the hearing of Cpl. Galai's trial from Haifa to Jerusalem.  The charge is one of perjury.

   Application of Mr. Samuel was granted, and the case is to be transferred to the Jerusalem District Court.  During judgment, Sir Thomas Haycraft remarked that he had wished to transfer the case to Nazareth, but as there was no Jewish Judge there, Jerusalem was the better place for the trial.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 October 1925.


Tel-Aviv. - Two bankrupts were examined this week at the Magistrates' Court here.  The Court endeavoured to ascertain the legality of the bankruptcies.  Several Jaffa merchants were called as witnesses.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 October 1925


HAIFA, October 25 (P.T.A.)

   Five of the Arab striker-carpenters who were summoned by their employers for disturbing strike-breakers at work, were sentenced to a fine of P.T. 100 each.

   The workers of the Rabinowitz Factory have been released on bail.  Four Arab tailors' employees accused of the same charge, were released.


   The Supreme Court has delivered judgment bin the appeal of Segal, a farmer accused of homicide in the Afuleh attack case, which was conducted by Mr. Horace B. Samuel.  The case has been ordered back to the District Court at Nazareth for revision.  To application by counsel for its hearing in another District Court, the Chief Rustic replied that such application must be presented to the Supreme Court in writing.



The Palestine Bulletin, 26 October 1925


   The hearing of the case brought by Dr. Arthur Ruppin against "Doar Hayom" was begun at the District Court here to-day, before Judges Baker, President and Valero. Discussions this morning were confined to consideration of the point as to whether Mr. Ittamar Ben-Avi was then Responsible Editor of "Doar Hayom" or not.  There was an extended legal argument on this point between Mr. Harry Sacher, counsel for the plaintiff, and Mr. Horace B. Samuel, counsel for Mr. Ben-Avi.

   At 11.45 a.m. Judge Baker adjourned the hearing until to-morrow afternoon, at which time the Court's decision will be given on this point.


The Palestine Bulletin, 26 October 1925


   The Attorney general has directed the Magistrate not to proceed further with the charges of assault against this officer.  He has made a similar decision with regard to the criminal complaint for abuse of office lodged against Mr. Sinclair, the District Commissioner of Police of Haifa by Corporal Galai on the ground of detaining him in custody for 9 days without a warrant of commitment from the magistrate.  It is understood that the matter will be taken up energetically both with the Colonial Office and with the English Parliament.


The Palestine Bulletin, 28 October 1925


   At 8 a.m. on the 27th October, sentence of death was carried out at the Central Prison, Jerusalem, upon Hussein Abdou Salem, of Tel Es-Safi Village, Hebron District, who was condemned to death by the Court of Criminal Assize at Hebron on the 6th of July sentence being confirmed by the Supreme Court on the 26th September.

   The crime for which Hussein Abdou Salem has suffered the death penalty was the murder, to facilitate robbery, of Add Rabbo Sadun, of Jeldieh, on the 24th January, 1924.


  The hearing of the case brought by Dr. Arthur Ruppin against the responsible editor of "Doar Hayom" was resumed at the District Court, Jerusalem, before Judges Baker and Valero yesterday afternoon.  As at the previous proceedings, the question of the responsible editor was debated. Ruhi Bey Abdul-Hady, District Officer of Jerusalem District, was called as a witness to produce the Governate records of registration of Responsible Editor.   The greater part of yesterday's proceedings was devoted to cross-examination of Ruhi Bey.

   Upon the calling of a second witness, Mr. Hanania of the Registrar-General's Office, Mr. Samuel, counsel for the defence, objected as he stated he had not been previously notified of this witness.  President of the court allowed the objection, and adjourned trial until November 12th.


   In accordance with a complaint by a local Jewish lawyer, the President of the District Court His Honour Judge Baker, has issued instructions to all magistrates and clerks of court in this district to issue summonses in the language of the plaintiff or prosecuted persons, i.e., in Hebrew to Jewish migrants and in Arabic to Arabs and in English to British litigants, so that proceedings may be facilitated.


The Palestine Bulletin, 29 October 1925


   On Tuesday, the 27th of October, the High Court adjourned until Monday, November 2nd the hearing on the return day of the order made against Inspector Halpern of Tel-Aviv calling upon him to show why he should not withdraw an order purporting to prohibit the sale in Tel-Aviv of all meat other than rabbinical meat.

   It is understood that requests have been made both to the Chief Secretary and His Honour the Chief Justice for inquiries to be made into the conduct of the Tel-Aviv Municipal Magistrate in fining butchers for selling meat without the Rabbinical seal whilst the matter is sub judice.



The Palestine Bulletin, 30 October 1925


   One of the Municipal police-men, charged some time ago with having stolen a Primus stove in one of the quarters in which his beat lay, has been sentenced to a month's imprisonment.


The Palestine Bulletin, 1 November 1925


HAIFA, November 1 (P.T.A.)

   The case of the 9 Arab strikers who were summoned to Court on a charge of having insulted their employers was heard yesterday.  They were acquitted.


The Palestine Bulletin, 3 November 1925


   On the application of Mr. Horace B. Samuel, Counsel for Mr. Haim Federman, an order was made by the High Court yesterday against Inspector Halpern, the Municipal Police Inspector of Tel-Aviv that he should withdraw an order prohibiting meat from being sold at Tel-Aviv unless it had both the Rabbinical and Municipal seals affixed to it.  Mr. Kermack for the Attorney General raised no objection.  The question of costs was adjourned.

   An interim order was also granted by the High Court against the District Commissioner, Jerusalem Jaffa Distinct, that, pending the decision, he should refrain from interfering with the killing of meat by slaughterers not authoriser by the Rabbinical Council.  Mr. Kermack for the Attorney General undertook that he would cause the necessary instructions to be given.


The Palestine Bulletin, 4 November 1925


   At 9 a.m. yesterday before a crowded Court, the Attorney General assisted by Mr. Eliash appeared for the District Commissioner to show cause why the interim order obtained by Mr. Federman, a Jaffa Butcher to prevent the District Commissioner from interfering by means of the Police with the slaughter of animals by Jewish slaughterers, should be set aside.

   The Attorney General argued that the slaughter by slaughterers not authorised by the Rabbinical Office would disintegrate the Jewish Community.  In reply to a question by the Chief Justice he stated that it followed from his argument that at the request of the Latin authorities, he could forcibly prevent by means of the Police a non-authorised Catholic priest from celebrating a Mass in a private chapel.  He did not suggest that the slaughterers were committing any offence for which the law provided punishment (although Mr. Eliash subsequently suggested that they were being accomplices in the violation of the Trade Marks Ordinance).  He admitted that the Ottoman Law was vaguely worded, but said that its general spirit was clear.  Without calling upon Messrs. Horace B. Samuel and Bernard Joseph to appear for the petitioner, the Court refused the application of the Attorney General and upheld the interim order against the District Commissioner.


The Palestine Bulletin, 6 November 1925


HAIFA, November 5 (P.T.A.)

   The case of Hassan Ibn Mohamed el Gouan, of the village of Yubla, Beisan Sub-District, was heard yesterday in Tiberias by the Court of Assize, Northern District, the Chief Justice as President.  Hassan Ibn Mohamed was accused under Article 170 of the Ottoman Penal Code for murder with premeditation.  He murdered one of the villagers in a family feud.  After hearing the witnesses the Court sentenced Hassan to death.  The Crown Advocate was Mr. Norman Bentwich.


The Palestine Bulletin, 10 November 1925


   Some time ago the District Court found judgment in favour of the defendant, Mr. Trachtingott, in a breach of promise suit brought against him by Miss Mattross, both Americans.  Judgment was then in favour of the defendant, but with costs.

   The Court of Appeal has now confirmed judgment, but disallowed the costs.  Mr. Harry Sacher was counsel for Mr. Trachtingott.


The Palestine Bulletin, 10 November 1925


   The District Court of Jerusalem has sentenced Messrs. O. K. Milne, a former official in the Government Department of Education, and E. H. Tripp, former headmaster of St. George's School, Jerusalem, both British subjects, to four months' imprisonment for having been concerned in collusion and cheque fraud.

   The District Court also recommended the deportation of both men subsequent to the term of imprisonment having been served.


The Palestine Bulletin, 10 November 1925


   The date of the further hearing in the District Court of Jerusalem of the Ruppin v. "Doar Hayom" case has been changed to Friday, November 13th.


The Palestine Bulletin, 10 November 1925


   Mr. Harry Sacher has been briefed by the Jaffa Chief Rabbi to appear in the Shechitah dispute.


The Palestine Bulletin, 13 November 1925

   The hearing of the case of the guards of Hedera commenced this morning in the District Court here.  The prosecution is represented by Mr. Harcavi and the defence by Mr. Abcarius Bey.


The Palestine Bulletin, 15 November 1925


HAIFA, November 15 (P.T.A.)

   The case of the Hederah watchmen charged with the murder of an Arab who penetrated an orchard in the colony last August, was heard at the District Court here on Friday.  Some of the witnesses gave evidence against the watchman Aaronson, and some against the Arab watchmen.  In the afternoon the Public Prosecutor and counsel for the defence delivered their speeches.


The Palestine Bulletin, 15 November 1925


  The continued hearing of the Dr. Ruppin v. Mr. Ben Avi case was held in the District Court of Jerusalem on Friday, November 13th, before the President of the Court, Judge Baker, and Judge Valero.  Proceedings in the morning consisted of further examination of witnesses by the prosecution.  Mr. Carrey, of the District Governate, and Mr. Hanania, of the Registrar of Companies' Office, were questioned as to the files they produced in regard respectively to the Responsibly Editors registered with the Authorities and whether any contract existed between Hassolel (A. Saphir and Co.), Palestine Society for Advertising and Publication and Hassoled, Limited, taking over the rights of the former.

   Mr. Harry Sacher delivered his speech for the prosecution in the morning, pointing out that the facts he had cited to the Court proved that Mr. Ittamar Ben-Avi had been Responsible Editor during the material periods of the case.  During the latter part of the morning and in the afternoon, Mr. Samuel delivered the speech for the defence.  He pointed out that the use of the words "the Responsible" at the foot of the material newspapers meant "responsible for the newspaper," and that accordingly Mr. M. Bar-Nissim, not Mr. Ben-Avi was the liable person.

   A request of Mr. Samuel for witnesses to be called was disallowed by the Court, but he was allowed right of appeal on the point.  The case is to be continued on Thursday next.


The Palestine Bulletin, 20 November 1925


   Proceedings in the Dr. Arthur Ruppin vs. Ittamar Ben-Avi case were resumed in the District Court of Jerusalem before Judges Baker and Valero yesterday morning.  The whole day's session was devoted to cross-examination of the first witness for the defence, the accused, Mr. Ben-Avi.  Cross-examination was conducted by both counsel, Messrs. H. B. Samuel and Harry Sacher.

   Mr. Ben-Avi gave evidence of his appearance before the Public prosecutor, in June, 1924, and said he had read the first article of the series forming the subject matter of the alleged libel only in New York, when Dr. Weizmann handed him that issue.  He did not see the other articles until summoned to the Public Prosecutor's office when he had scanned them in order to answer the charge.

   At the conclusion of the cross-examinations, Mr. Ben-Avi made a statement to the Court regarding a conversation with Dr. Weizmann, the Zionist leader, who had asked him to use his endeavours, at a time he had resigned from "Doar ha-Yom," to have the campaign against Dr. Ruppin stopped.


The Palestine Bulletin, 22 November 1925


   Haifa. - The hearing of the case of Rashid Hussein El Nassar, who is charged with premeditated murder, began here in the District Court on Friday.  The Court decided that the accused should be tried by the Criminal Assize Court, which is presided over by the Chief Justice.


The Palestine Bulletin, 23 November 1925


   We are informed that the prosecution against Corporal Galai on a charge of alleged perjury has now been withdrawn by Government instructions.  The case was to have been held to-day, and the witnesses had already arrived from Haifa, in the police-force of which Corporal Galai was a member.



The Palestine Bulletin, 25 November 1925


   At the opening of the proceedings on Tuesday, the 24th instant, Mr. Harry Sacher drew the Court's attention to a report of previous proceedings which appeared in the "Doar Hayom"  In this report there appeared large headlines declaring that Judge Baker had censured Mr. Sacher. His Honour Judge Baker said that there was no foundation for such a statement, that its publication was improper, and that he had taken note of it with a view to considering action.

   Mr. Ben Rubenstein was called as a witness for the defence and testified that at a meeting of Directors of Hassolel Limited towards the end of June 1923 it was resolved to relieve Mr. Ben-Avi of his duties in connection with the paper during his absence on a business trip in America.  He was cross-examined by Mr. Sacher with regard to a sum of L. E. 2,033.889 appearing in the balance Sheet of Hassolel Ltd. Under the heading "Suspense Account," and which was stated by the Auditors to represent a subvention from Mrs. Fels.  Mr. Rubenstin declared that this sum came not direct from Mrs. Fels but was advanced as a loan by the Palestine Development Council to Hassolel Ltd. and was not yet repaid.

   The next witness was Moshe Bar-Nissim, who stated that Mr. Saphir and Mr. Ben-Avi induced him to accept the position of responsible person for the "Doar Hayom" during the absence of Mr. Ben-Avi in America.  He re-ceived no increase of salary.  Under cross-examination by Mr. Sacher, for the Crown, Mr. Bar-Nissim said that one day in October Mr. Elmaleh handed him an article called "Introduction."  He refused to permit its publication until he was shown the rest of the article of the series and the material upon which they were based.  He was never shown any of the material on which the articles were based. A meeting of the Editorial Board was held and also a meeting of the Board of Directors at which he was not himself present and at which it was resolved to publish the articles.  Mr. Fryer told him that he had the material.  All the articles had been written by Mr. Fryer.  He remembered that the name of the writer was signed on the first article but later the Editorial Board did not wish the name to appear.  Mr. Fryer said that he would accept responsibility for the publication of the articles if an action were brought.  Further cross-examiner by Mr. Sacher, Mr. Bar-Nissim said that he would never have published the articles on his own responsibility and that it was after Mr. Fryer said he would be responsible for the articles that they were published.

   Mr. Samuel then addressed the Court for the Defence and Mr. Harry Sacher for the Prosecution on the question of responsibility of the accused.  The Court adjourned till the 14th December, 1925.


The Palestine Bulletin, 27 November 1925


HAIFA, Nov. 27 (P.T.A.)

   The Examination of the policemen Said Habbib and Ahmed Youssef began in the Courts here yesterday.  They are accused by one of the workers tried recently of giving false evidence against him.


The Palestine Bulletin, 30 November 1925


   The Official Gazette of November 16th published the draft Correction of Land Registers Ordinance, 1925.  The Ordinance provides that within three months of its date all unofficial land books are to be delivered to the Government, as otherwise they will not be admitted as evidence in any Court as affecting any land.  Power is given to any person to apply to the Director of Lands for the correction of the official registers in the case of the transaction being recorded in the unofficial land books.

   The unofficial land books and any maps or plans concerned must be open to officers of the Department of Lands or persons claiming an interest, in the case of applications under the Ordinance.  Unless counter-application is made within four months of the publication in the Official Gazette, the Director can order the registration in the official registers in the name of the applicant.  Any dissensions must be referred to the Land Courts, which may make any order as may be just and equitable.  Where an order has been made for registration in the official registers, the Director of Lands may retain possession of any documents produced in support of the application for registration.  In the case of a land settlement, the officer conducting the settlement shall notify the persons who have interests recorded in the unofficial land book or in the official register that the title be determine and the Ordinance gives the procedure of such determination.

   The High Commissioner may make, vary or revoke the Regulations under the Ordinance.


The Palestine Bulletin, 30 November 1925


HAIFA, November 30 (P.T.A.)

   The nine Druzes who were arrested on the Palestine border recently were sentenced to nine months' imprisonment each at Safad on Saturday by the Criminal Assize Court.  They were convicted of having borne rifles without permission in Palestine territory.  The Judges were Judge Litt, President of the Northern District Court, and Mr. R. D. Badcock, District Officer.

   The convicted men were immediately sent to Acre Jail.


The Palestine Bulletin, 1 December 1925



   In the 1st of December, 1925, at 8 a.m., sentence of death was carried out at the Jerusalem Jail upon Osman Mohamed Marouf, of Saffa village, condemned to death by the Court of Criminal Assize at Jerusalem on the 7th of October [crease in paper] .... Murder on the 28th of June, 1925, of Nafisa Bint Ibrahim Naji of Saffa.


   On the 1st of December, 1925, at 8 a.m., and 9 a.m. respectively, sentence of death was carried our at Acre Jail upon Abdel Rahim Hassan Telli and Hassan Said Idris, of Taibe, condemned to death by the Court of Criminal Assize at Tulkarem on the 17th of September, 1925, sentence being confirmed by the Supreme Court on the 17th of October, 1925.

   The crime for which they have suffered the death penalty was the premeditated murder on the night of the 14th/.15th June, 1925, of Abdel Hadiz Halim Jabala, of the same village.


Palestine Bulletin, 9 December 1925


   It is officially stated that Hamdan Na'if Abu Hiya, who was sentenced to death by the criminal Assize Court at Gaza on October 12th, sentence being confirmed by the Supreme Court on November 7th, was executed at the central Jail, Jerusalem, on December 8th, 1925, at 8 a.m.

   The crime for which Hamdan Na'if Abu Hiya suffered the death penalty was the murder of his sister, Turkieh, on January 25th, 1925.


The Palestine Bulletin, 14 December 1925


   Judgment was given in the Dr. Ruppin v. Ittamar Ben-Avi case in the District Court this morning by the President.  Mr. Ittamar Ben-Avi was found not responsible for the publication in question.

   The hearing will be commenced tomorrow of an application by Counsel for the Crown as to whether there is any repetition of the alleged statement in the three articles in "Doar Hayom" written by Mr. Ben-Avi in May and June, and for which he had admitted responsibility.


The Palestine Bulletin, 15 December 1925


   The Supreme Court in Jerusalem has issued judgment in the Tel-Aviv butchers' case to the effect that the butchers are permitted to slaughter as they please without interference, and that the police have no right to intervene in this matter on behalf of the Chief Rabbinate.




The Palestine Bulletin, 21 December 1925


   "Davar" states that it learns on good authority that during the past month six hundred cases of landlords v. tenants were heard in Government Courts.  In connection with the order for the repeal of the Rents' Ordinance, orders for eviction were issued against 600 families, or three thousand souls.  A further three hundred cases are to be heard this month, the newspaper states.  Panic prevails among the poorer element of the population.


The Palestine Bulletin, 25 December 1925


   Under this heading the "Falastin" states:-

   In every issue we publish an official note announcing the carrying out a death sentence on one or more Arab criminals: while we do not remember to have published or read any official communique reporting the execution of a [Jewish[ criminal.  How can this be explained?  Though appreciating the uprightness of the Court of Assizes we have some suspicions in connection with certain of its verdicts.  Were it not for the contempt of court law, we would have mentioned many similar trials, the verdicts of which were differed according to the accused being a Jew or an Arab.

   Will one of the Arab lawyers explain the enigma, so as to remove our suspicion and surprise?


The Palestine Bulletin, 29 December 1925


   On the 29th of December, 1925, at 8 a.m. sentence of death was carried our at the Jerusalem Jail upon Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad of Taamreh Tribe, condemned to death by the Court of Criminal Assize at Jerusalem on the 17th of November, 1925, sentence confirmed by the Supreme Court on the 1st of December, 1925.

   The crime for which he has suffered the death penalty was the premeditated murder on the 2nd of October, 1925, of his sister Sarwa.


The Palestine Bulletin, 30 December 1925

Tel-Aviv. - The hearing of the Barzilai case was commenced in the Government Magistrate's Court here.  Isaac Barzilai is charged with having been connected with the Palestine Communist Party and its management in Palestine and Syria and for his use of a passport in the name of Jean de Maure, etc.  The prosecution produced several documents from correspondence between Moscow and Communists in Palestine.

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