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Colonial Cases

Kolomitzeva, 1928

[medical practitioners]


Magistrates Court, Palestine
Source: The Palestine Bulletin, 10 February 1928



Tel Aviv.  The examining Judge here commenced yesterday the examination of the case of Mrs. Mala Kolomitzeva who is charged by the Police with selling drugs and treating patients without a license.  Striking particulars were disclosed during the examination.

   Last November a sensational article appeared in the Philadelphian (U.S. daily "Die Yiddiche Welt" stating that Mrs. Malca Kolomitzeva of Jerusalem has invented a remedy against cancer.  Mr. Katz, a rich Jew of Philadelphia, who was afflicted with cancer, was attracted by this announcement and, although in a grave condition, proceeded to Palestine in the hope of finding salvation.  Arriving at Jaffa, he was treated by Mrs. Kolomitzeva who is a resident of Tel Aviv and earns a living by treating baldness with some creams.  After a week's time his condition became worse, and he was taken to the Sanatorium, and then to the Hadassah Hospital where he died last Saturday.

   A few days before Mrs. Kolomitzeva brought a civil action against Mr. Katz and his relative Mr. Troyansky who accompanied him to Palestine, claiming a debt balance of L.P. 14.500 for treatment.  Through this case the facts referred to concerning Mrs. Kolomitzeva's activity were disclosed, and she was summonsed by the Police.  The examination of Mrs. Kolomitzeva by the Court will be continued on Sunday next.  Dr. Leibovitch the Municipal physician, Adv. Gorodsky who acted as intermediary between  Mrs. Kolomitzeva and the late Mr. Katz and police Inspector Krasner have been called to give evidence in the case.


The Palestine Bulletin, 15 February 1928


Tel Aviv. - Yesterday afternoon the Magistrate Court gave its judgment in the case of Mrs. Mala Kolomitzeva.  She was sentenced to a fine of six pounds and prohibited from selling drugs.  The question of the American Katz who came to Palestine attracted by the rumour that Mrs. Kolomitzeva invented a remedy against cancer and subsequently died, was eliminated from the case.

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