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Colonial Cases

Ibrahim Rouhi, 1925

[railway accident]

Ibrahim Rouhi

Northern District Court, Palestine
Source: The Palestine Bulletin, 14 September 1925



On the 8th inst. the case of Mr. Ibrahim Rouhi, Stationmaster at the Hamma Railway Station, was heard in the Northern District Court here.  He was accused of negligence which resulted in death, in the incident which occurred on January 10th, 1925, between the stations of Hamma and Sammakh.  A collision had taken place between a motor trolley which left Sammakh for Hamma.  Two Egyptian workers were injured on the hand trolley and one died at a hospital in Tiberias.

   He was accused for not fulfilling Articles 5 and 11 of the Railway Ordinance 1922, because he did not inform the conductor, who came from Damascus, that he would meet a hand trolley on his way to Sammakh.

   It was made clear during the course of the case that the collision between the two trolleys resulted from the hand trolley having no brakes.  The trolley was proceeding at high speed as there was a slope, and therefore they could not stop it or take it off the lines.

   It was further made clear that even if the station master had informed the driver of the imminence of another trolley, it would not have helped and would not have prevented the incident.

   As a result of this, the Public Prosecutor, M.  Kousa, announced that he wished to withdraw the charge but that he had to ask permission of the Attorney General.

   Mr. I. Kaiserman, advocate for the defence, opposed this and requested a judgment acquitting the accused.  After a short consultation the Court announced its judgment acquitting the accused.  This case is the first of its kind under the railways Ordinance of 1922.

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