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Colonial Cases

Attorney General v. Nasser, 1932


Attorney General v. Nasser

Magistrates Court, Jerusalem
Source: The Palestine Bulletin, 23 November 1932



   The preliminary investigation against Nicola Eff. Naari Nasser, a Jerusalem advocate, who is charged with perjury, began before the Examining Magistrate, Taher Eff. Afghany, yesterday morning.

   Ibrahim Eff. Kamal, who represented the complainant, Osman Abu Ghosh, was allowed to appear as prosecutor.  The charge read by Ibrahim Eff. States that Mr. Nasser was charged with giving a false statement on oath, contrary to Articles 3 and 4 of the Perjury ordinance.  The particulars of the charge are that the accused, in giving evidence on oath before the Examining magistrate on October 15th, denied having received from Osman Abu Ghosh the sum of £P. 6.270.  It is alleged by complainant that accused received this sum and recorded it in his (accused's) books.

Record Clerk's Evidence

   The first witness was Izzat Eff. Boutros, a record clerk in the magistrates' Courts, who produced files of civil cases lodged by accused against complainant, demanding from him the payment of two promissory notes value £P. 6.270 and £P. 1 respectively drawn by Ghosh in favour of Nicola Nasser.

   Witness said that accused then gave evidence that he received no such amount from Osman Abu Ghosh on these two bills.  Accused then denied having received £P. 5.  The witness then produced other files in which accused represented the Latin Convent and demanded certain sums from the complainant.

   Cross examination of this witness was adjourned for to-day at accused's request.

Remand Under Consideration

   The magistrate adjourned until to-day his decision as to whether to remand the accused in custody, as requested by Ibrahim Eff. Kamal, who alleged that accused interfered with witnesses.


Source: The Palestine Bulletin, 24 November 1932



     The examination of Mr. N. Nasri Nasser, a Jerusalem advocate, charged with perjury, was continued yesterday, when the complainant Osman Abu Ghosh, who is illiterate, testified that he had owed the Greek orthodox Patriarch (not the Latin Convent m as wrongly stated yesterday) certain sums of money.  He reached agreement with the patriarchate, and accused, who acted for the patriarchate, did not object to the agreement, provided he (witness) paid him £P. 5.870 as costs.

   Witness signed a promissory note in favour of accused.  Some days later he paid this sum to accused in the presence of one Ahed el Mejid.  Accused then recorded this in his books.  Witness said that he did not ask for the promissory note because he knew he was dealing with a lawyer.  After some time, accused brought a case for this sum and for another promissory note of £P. 1. During the hearing, accused denied on oath having received £P. 5.830 as costs.  Judgment was given against witness.

Later Complained

   Witness later lodged a charge of perjury against accused before the Magistrate, Hanna Eff. Atallah, and stated that Nasri had received the sum mentioned in his books.  The Magistrate gave permission for a search to be made and the book (produced in Court) in which the item was entered was taken by the police.

   When cross-examined, the witness said that he did not recall having   said that out of £P. 11.270, which he owed accused, he had paid £P. 5.

   Accused cross-examined yesterday's witness, Izzat Eff. Boutros.

   Ahafic Eff. Asal represented the accused, but he was not allowed to cross-examine witnesses.

Remand On Bail

   The magistrate adjourned the case for Saturday.  He issued a warrant of remand for seven days, allowing bail of £P. 100.  Accused produced the sum, in cash, and was released.


Source: The Palestine Post, 2 December 1932


Adjourned to December 17

   The case against the advocate, Nicola Nasser of Jerusalem who is charged with perjury contrary to Sections 3 and 4 of the Perjury ordinance, 1929, went a stage further yesterday, when 2 witnesses were heard for the prosecution.  The Investigating magistrate, Taher Eff. Afghany, adjourned the case until December 17.


Source: The Palestine Bulletin, 13 December 1932


   The investigation was continued yesterday in the case wherein Nicola Nasri Nasser of Jerusalem, an advocate, was charged with perjury contrary to Sections 3 and 4 of the Perjury Ordinance, 1929.  At the conclusion of the case for the prosecution, the case was adjourned.

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