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Colonial Cases

Armed, 1938

[possession of weapons]


Jerusalem Military Cowry
Source: The Palestine Post, 23 September 1938



Villager Caught By Military Patrol.

The Jerusalem Military Cowry yesterday passed sentence of death on Ahmed Mohamed Armed, aged 28, of Suba village, who was found Guilty of the charge of carrying a shot-gun and 23 cartridges.

   A Sergeant of the 11th Hussars and a private of the R.A.F.  related that while patrolling the Jerusalem-Jaffa road at kilometer 9 in an armoured carat 8.30 on the morning of Tuesday last, they noticed at a distance of 50 metres an armed man running up the hill.

   They stopped the car, ordered the man to halt, and on reaching him found that he was carrying a shot-gun, a bandolier with 23 cartridges, and a whistle, to which a compass was attached.

   They identified the man in Court as the man they had arrested and brought to Jerusalem.

"Thought It Was A Plant."

   In giving evidence on oath, the accused said that he had been away from his house in Suba village for a number of days, and on returning he found the shot-gun, cartridges and other articles in his garden.  He thought that someone had planted them there with a view to informing against him, and was on his way to the Abu Ghosa Police Station when he was arrested.

   After hearing the summing up of Moghamman Eff. Moghamman and the Prosecutor, the Court sentenced the prisoner to death.  The sentence is subject to confirmation by the General Officer Commanding.

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