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Colonial Cases

The Creole [1854]

admiralty - fisheries - British ship

Court of Vice Admiralty

14 November 1854

Source: Acadian Recorder, 18 November 1854

On Tuesday, His Honor the Judge of the Court of Vice Admiralty, in the case of the ship Creole, seized by Capt Campbell, for infraction of the Fishery Treaty, gave a very elaborate decision in favour of the Defendants, who clearly showed that they were British subjects, that the vessel had never lost its character as a British vessel; and that they were entitled to all the privileges of fishing on British territory. His Honor the Judge justified the seizure on the ground of  the very suspicious circumstances connected with the vessel, and which could only be removed by a judicial investigation. He thought that if the matter were fully represented to the House of Assembly, they would grant the Defendants the amount of costs incurred in their defence,  and such other remuneration as they might be entitled to.

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