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Colonial Cases

R. v. Street and others [1754]

murder - manslaughter

Court of Assize

Belcher C.J., November 1754

Source: Halifax Gazette, 30 November 1754

[2] On Monday last, at the Supream Court of Judicature, Court of Assize, &c. for the County of Halifax, came on before the Hon. Chief Justice Belcher, the Trial of Benjamin Street, Samael Thornton, and John Pastree, three of the Men formerly belonging to the Sloop Salley and NanceyJohn Hovey late Master, for the Murder of two Men belongin to the Vulture Sloop of War, (as formerly mention'd) when, after a Hearing of about 10 Hours, the Jury bro't in their Verdict, ManslaughterNealWhaland, and Jos. Hovey were acquitted.

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