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Colonial Cases

Minor cases Nova Scotia

Halifax Gazette, 28 April, 1753
  At the Court of Assize held here last Thursday, ----- Allen and ----- Bonfides were tried for uttering counterfeit Quarters of Dollars and Half Pistereens; Allen was acquitted, but Bonfides found Guilty.
  The same Day came on the Trial of one [Presbery], a Serjeant in the Train of Artillery, for Sodomatical Practices, who was found Guilty.
  And the same Day one Dodge, who lately came from New England, was tried for uttering counterfeit Doubloons made of a base Metal, who also was found Guilty.


Halifax Gazette, 19 May, 1753

  Last Monday at the Court of Assizes held here ----- Dodge for uttering counterfeit Doubloons, as mention'd in one of our former Papers, was sentenc'd to suffer Six Months' Imprisonment, and find Sureties for his good Behaviour for six Months longer.
  At the same time ----- Bonfides, convicted of uttering counterfeit Pistereens, &c., was sentence'd to stand in the Pillory Half an Hour, and to find Security for his good Behaviour for Three Months.
  Two same Day John Brisbane, convicted of being Guilty of Sodomitical Practices, was sentenc'd' to stand in the Pillory one Hour, and find Security for his good Behaviour for Six Months.
  And, Two others for stealing were sentenc'd to be whipt Forty Stripes same Day, at the Public Whipping Post.
  The Execution of the above sentences to be perform'd on Monday next.

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