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Colonial Cases

1874 NT

Newspaper Commentary and Correspondence, 1874

Minor Cases

Local Court, 1874      Police Court/Magistrates' Court, 1874      Warden's Court, 1874     Mining Commission, 1874


AbDoola v. Caldwell, 1874 [employment law, "Arab"]

Abbott and Jones v. Skelton, 1874 [carriage of goods]

Ah Kim v. Paul, 1874 [employment law, Chinese]

Bennett v. Gunn, 1874 [mining law, claim jumping]

Bieber v. Laurie, 1874 [mining law]

Caldwell v. Miller, 1874 [wrongful arrest - ne exeat regno]

Connor v. Clarkson, 1874 [libel]

Douglas v. Erskine, 1874 [mining agreement]

Gregory v. Fisher, 1874 [interpleader]

Griffiths v. Mills, 1874 [mining law - Mining Commission]

Hong v. Frew, 1874 [employment law, Chinese]

In re Reynolds, 1874 [insolvency, absconding]

In re Skelton, 1874 [election law]

Jones v. Fisher, 1874 [interference with contract]

Jones v. Grierson, 1874 [wrongful arrest]

Jones v. Reynolds, 1874 [larceny by bailee]

Laurie v. Lindsay, 1874 [balance of account]

Lee v. Griffiths, 1874 [mining law]

Lee v. Smith, 1874 [wrongful arrest]

Leighton v. Lewis, 1874 [employment law, mining]

Lewis v. Jones, 1874 [mining law - appeal]

Mallon v. Taylor, 1874 [negligence by bailee]

Milner, 1874 [mining lease]

Milner v. Gore, 1874 [partnership]

Peters v. McMinn and Kryke, 1874 [mining law]

R. v. Ab Doolah, 1874 [stealing, by "Arab"]

R. v. Ah Kim, 1874 [assault between Chinese]

R. v. Ah Kim 2, 1874 [larceny and sodomy, by Chinese]

R. v. Ah Kim 3, 1874 [larceny by Chinese]

R. v. Batjoe and Berri, 1874 [assault, by "Malays" on Chinese]

R. v. Bouchier, 1874 [assault]

R. v. Caldwell, 1874 [contaminated meat]

R. v. Erskine, 1874 [forgery by trustees]

R. v. Kaufmann, 1874 [fraud]

R. v. La Haye, 1874 [consular jurisdiction]

R. v. Little, 1874 [enclosed lands]

R. v. Mita Ab Doolah, 1874 [employment law, "Malay" woman]

R. v. Reynolds, 1874 [perjury]

R. v. Wong ah wee Lye and Lin in Suney, 1874 [larceny by Chinese]

Rickards v. Miller, 1874 [partnership - arbitration]

Sebbes, 1874 [mining lease]

Skelton v. Caldwell, 1874 [reception of English law - trial by jury - negligence]

Starn v. Hanley, 1874 [breach of contract]

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