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Colonial Cases


These cases were selected, edited and transcribed by Peter Bullock. See CR Pennell, "The British Consular Courts and Moroccan Muslim Identity: 'Christian' justice as a tool' (1996) 1 Journal of North African Studies 172-191.


Deserters of Casablanca, 1909 [international arbitration - deserters from French Foreign Legion] Permanent Court of Arbitration

Destailleur, 1911 [embezzlement] France

Newspaper commentary and minor cases, Morocco

R. v. Benzaken, 1934 [appeals - assault]

R. v. el Bradhe, 1934 [traffic offence]

R. v.el Meslohi, 1934 [contempt of court]

R. v. Serfaty. 1934 [liquor laws]

Published by Centre for Comparative Law, History and Governance at Macquarie Law School