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Colonial Cases

USA, Navy

New Zealand Herald, 27 July 1864

  CAPTAIN, since Admiral Wilkes of the Trent notoriety, has been tried by a general court-martial at New York, and sentenced to public reprimand and suspension from service for three years.  The charges preferred against him were disobedience of orders, neglect of duty, conduct unbecoming an officer, and disrespectful language towards his superior officer. He was found guilty under each specification.


Evening News, 17 May 1898



 The sensation this morning is the Courtmartial that has been held upon Mr. Carter, a former naval attache. He was charged with squandering several hundred thousand dollars of the Government money. He was last night found guilty. The case is to be reviewed by the civil courts, which has caused much adverse comment by the New York papers this morning. They declare that this concession is due to the influence wielded by Mr. Carter and his family.

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