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Colonial Cases

USA, Army

Otago Witness, 29 April 1864


  Captain Hugh Harskin, 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment, has been found guilty of picking the pocket of a comrade, deemed by the court-martial, "conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman."


Weekly Mail, 19 April 1902


  A Manila telegram says - The trial by courtmartial of the American officer, Major Waller, on a charge of punishing the revolted natives of Samar with ruthless severity was concluded on Sunday. Addressing the court in his own defence, Major Waller said the treachery of the natives of Samar was beyond all conception; they revelled in blood, and had an appetite for wanton desecration of the human body. These fiends filled the corpses of soldiers with jam and jelly. They attempted to murder my command," exclaimed the prisoner, "and I shot them. I honestly thought then that I was right, and I believe so now." He was acquitted.- Press Association Foreign Special.

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