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Colonial Cases

Malta, Navy

Cardiff Times, 27 February 1892


MALTA, Thursday.

The courtmartial on Captain the Hon. Maurice Bourke and Staff Commander J. E. Tully, of H.M.S. Victoria, for allowing that vessel to strike on a rock delivered judgment today. The Court found that the Victoria, when carrying out torpedo practice, took the ground on an imperfectly defined shoal off Snipe Point, Dragomesty Bay; that the charge against Capt. Bourke was partly proved in that he took the Victoria into dangerous proximity of an imperfectly surveyed and ill-defined shoal without having previously taken sufficient precautions to verify the position and extent of the shoal; that the charge against Staff Commander Tully was partly proved in that he concurred in the course taken. - The sentence of the Court was, that Captain Bourke should be severely reprimanded and admonished to be more careful in the future, and that Commander Tully should be reprimanded.

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