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Colonial Cases

China, Army

Singapore Free Press, 15 October 1846


  From Macau we learn that the judge specially appointed for the purpose of proceeding with the investigation into the charges against the alleged accomplices in  Marcal's nefarious transactions, and it is probable that two  persons who were denied a refuge in Hongkong, and so improperly given up to the Portuguese authorities, have been allowed to return from Canton, upon giving what to our notions of justice seems excessive security, but which had been tendered in vain to the Chief Judge while he continued to act in the matter.  It is worth mentioning as a strange feature in judicial proceedings, that the security, which consists in hard dollars and opium, had not been lodged in Court or in the Government Treasury, but in the hands of a respectable Portuguese merchant, who will make it forthcoming when required.


Singapore Free Press, 8 July 1847


From the China Mail, June 23


Commanding the Troops in China.

Headquarters, Victoria; Hongkong, 14th June, 1847.

  At a General Court Martial assembled at Victoria, Hongkong, on Monday the 7th day of June, 1847.

Private - Mab Allie, No. 2817; Esop, 2849; Badjee, 2812; Bahman, 2817; Tahir, 2813; Abdula, 2776; Yacaob, 2229; Sagoonie, 2376; Dyot, 2779; Mahomed, 2492; Cassim, 2839; Doolah, 2896; all of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment, were arraigned on the following charges:

  FIRST CHARGE: For having at sea, on board the freight ship Sibella, between the tenth day of April and the sixth of May, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-seven, endeavoured to excite a mutiny, by entering into a combination and urging their comrades to join in the same, forcibly to effect their escape from the Detachment of their Regiment on boards the said ship; and in furtherance thereof to take the lives indiscriminately of any of their officers or comrades who might chance to stand in their way in carrying their intentions into effect.

  SECOND CHARGE. - For having at the same time on board the said ship come to the knowledge of an intended mutiny, as set forth in the first charge, and failed to give information thereof to their Commanding Officer.

  FINDING, - Guilty.

  The Court having found the prisoners guilty of both the charges preferred against them, which being in breach of the Articles of War, and taking into consideration their general character, as far as that has been deposed to, do sentence them as follows:-

  That the prisoners Private Mahomed, No. 2492, and Private Cassim, No. 2839, both of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment, shall suffer Death, by being shot to death with musquetry.

  That the prisoners Private Esop, No. 2840; Private Badjee, No. 2812; Private Bahman, No. 2817; Private Tahir, No., 2813; Private Abdula, No. 2776; all of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment, shall suffer imprisonment with hard labour for life;

  And that the prisoners Private Mab Allie, No., 2819;  Private Yacoab, No, 2229; Private Sagoonie, No. 2476; Private Dyot, No. 2779, and Private Doolah, No. 2896, all of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment, shall suffer imprisonment with hard labour for eight years,.

J. FITZGERALD, Major, 42nd Regt. M.N.I. President.

[Sentences approved and confirmed, but most mitigated to some extent; committed by order to the jail at Hongkong.]

Published by Centre for Comparative Law, History and Governance at Macquarie Law School