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Colonial Cases

R. v. Perry and others [1752]

murder - burglary - Jury of Matrons

Provincial Court

September 1752

Source: Halifax Gazette, 18 November 1752

[2] Annapolis, in Maryland, Sept. 28. Friday last, Mary Perry received Sentence of Death at the Bar of the Provincial Court, when she pleaded her Belly; a Jury of Matrons being summon'd, they found her not quick. [1]

A Negroe Fellow named Joe, was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to die for a Felony and Burglary.

Yesterday came on the Trial of Terrence Conner, for the Murder of James Boyles, in August last, and found guilty.


[1]  Women who were "quick with child" could not be hanged. If a condemned woman pleaded pregnancy, the matter was determined by a jury of matrons. See the N.S.W. case of R. v. Davis, 1789.

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