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Colonial Cases

Anonymous [1752]

breach of promise of marriage

Provincial Court

5 May 1752

Source: Halifax Gazette, 18 July 1752

[2] Annapolis in MarylandMay 7. On Friday last a remarkable Cause was tried before the Honourable Judges of the Provincial Court, wherein Mary W---n was Plaintiff, and Joseph W---d Defendant: The Action was brought for a Breach of a Promise of Marriage; and after a long Trial, and the Examination of many Witnesses, the Jury found for the Plaintiff, and Fifty Pounds Damages. A Cause of the same Nature was tried at last Prince George's County Court, when the Jury found for the Plaintiff Damages. A few such Verdicts, with Damages to Half a Man's Worth, might possibly cure some pretty Fellows of their Gallantry, and intimidate them (as nothing else will) from deluding and ruining poor innocent and credulous Girls.

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