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Colonial Cases

R v. Azzopardi, 1878

[murder - capital punishment]

R. v. Azzopardi

Criminal Court, Malta
Source: The Times, 25 April 1878



A correspondent, "D," writing from Malta, Aperil 15, says:-

A murderer was hanged here on the 10th inst.  I would ask you, in the interests of national decency and morality, to publicly invite the attention of the Home Government to the disgusting and inhuman proceedings which were adopted at the execution, under the sanction of law.  It would be a thousand times preferable that every murderer should go free than that punishment should be so inflicted as to degrade authority and inculcate inhumanity.


The sentence pronounced by Her Majesty's Criminal Court on the night of the 2d inst. condeming Giuseppa Azzopardi to death for the murder of Paolo Genius, was carried into execution on Wednesday the 10th inst.,  ... [replacement public executioner needed] and the awful choice fell on Paolo Laus, who is expiating the punishment of 20 years' imprisonment, with hard labour, inflicted upon him some two years ago by the Consular Court in Egypt for murder, and who had many years before been condemned by the Court of Malta to a period of 12 years' hard labour for another murder.

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