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Colonial Cases

R. v. Ross, 1933


R. v. Ross

Nairobi, Kenya
Source: The Palestine Post, 2 December 1933


Accused Excited At The Sight Of Blood.


Nairobi, Monday (Via Cairo.) - The court was very crowded with all races for the trial of Ross on a charge of the murder of Miss Margaret Keppie before the Chief Justice Sir Jacob Barth and a Jury.  An enormous crowd surrounded the court all day.

   The Attorney-General stated that evidence pointed to the fact that the bullet found in Miss Keppie's skull could only have been fired from the revolver owned by Ross.

   A witness, a friend of Ross, in giving evidence said that Ross used to become very excited at the sight of blood, and when hunting recently he had dashed up to a dead hippo, which had just been shot, and stabbed the body repeatedly.  Once, after skinning a hyena, Ross had his shoulders, arms and neck covered with blood, as if he had wallowed in it. - Reuters/P.T.A.

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