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Colonial Cases

Japan, 1870 decisions

Barnard v. Wilkin, 1870 [commercial law]

Bertrand v. Howell, 1870 [libel]

Blakiston Marr & Co. v. Howell & Co., 1870 [insurance]

Davison v. Campbell, 1870 [succession - set off - partnership]

Hoyt v. Dunn, 1870 [false imprisonment - judge contradicts evidence] United States

Moolataya Yuzo v. Kingdon Schwabe & Co., 1870 [sale of goods, non-delivery]

R. v. Howell, 1870 [criminal libel]

Wilkie and Laufenberg v. E.C. Kirby and Co., 1870 [ship repairs]

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