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Colonial Cases

R. v. John [1800]

slave court

Slave Court, Jamaica

1 March 1800

Source: General Evening Post (London, England), 10 May 1800, issue 10 549; and see London Packet or New Lloyd's Evening Post (London, England), 12 May 1800, issue 4798; Oracle and Daily Advertiser (London, England), 13 May 1800, issue 22 285, from the the British Library's 19th Century Newspapers site Jamaica.

St. Jago de la Vega, March 1. - On Monday a Slave-Court was held at the Court-House in this town, when John, a Sambo, was tried on two indictments, the one for stealing a mule and sundry tools; and the other for assaulting, with intention to kill, Mr. Brown, Overseer of St. Faith's estate, in St. John's, when he was found guilty on both indictments, on clear evidence: he was sentenced to be hanged the next morning, which sentence was accordingly put into execution on the race-ground, near this town, on Tuesday morning. When the sentence was pronounced, he thanked the Court, and said, it was the best thing they could do for him!

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