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Colonial Cases

R. v. Jenny and another [1798]

slave court

Slave Court, Jamaica

25 April 1798

Source: Express and Evening Chronicle  (London, England), 7 June 1798, issue 574, from the British Library's site, 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers

Kingston, April 25.

Yesterday a Slave Court was held on a negro woman named Jenny, the property of Mr. Henriques, for attempting to poison her master and mistress, by putting verdigris in water, when she was found guilty and ordered for transportation; after which, the Court signified to Mr. Henriques, that the negro who gave evidence against the above wench, merited a similar pubishment.

The persons belonging to the Renommee frigate, who were executed at the Mole, were three foreigners and a negro. Previous to their execution, they made a confession of the whole of the plot, which they signed. By it, it appears, that the First Lieutenant was to have been tortured in a most horrid manner; the negro was pitched upon to murder the Captain.

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