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Colonial Cases

R. v. Isaac [1799]

slave court

Slave Court, Jamaica

25 October 1799

Source: Lloyd's Evening Post (London, England), 15 January 1800, issue 6614; and see Sun (London, England), 16 January 1800, issue 2284; True Briton (1793) (London, England), 16 January 1800, issue 2206; Oracle and Daily Advertiser (London, England), 17 January 1800, issue 22 197, from the British Library's 19th Century Newspapers site

Kingston, Jamaica, Oct. 25. - On Wednesday a Slave Court was held in Spanish Town for the trial of a Negro Slave, named Isaac, the property of John Shand, Esq. for the wilful murder of another slave, named Rodney, belonging to Mess. H. and M. Williams, of which being found guilty on the clearest evidence, he was sentenced to be executed as this day.

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