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Colonial Cases

R. v. Allen and another [1790]

slave court

Slave Court, Jamaica

8 July 1790

Source: Public Advertiser (London, England), 7 September 1790, issue 17525, from the British Library's site, 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers

Saint Jago de la Vega, July 8....

Immediately after the Quarter Sessions, a Slave-Court was formed, when John Allen, a mulatto, was arraigned for the murder of Geo. Sedmore, a seaman belonging to the ship Clarendon. A declaration of his freedom raising doubts in the Court, he was remanded to gaol.


Monday [5 August] a Slave Court, composed of three magistrates and nine jurors, was held for the trial of the Sambo slave, indicted for the murder of a negro apprentice. After a trial of considerable length, the Jury found the culprit guilty of Manslaughter, and he was sentenced to be kept to hard labour during life.

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