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Colonial Cases

Pollard, 1868



Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
5-6 August 1868
Source: The North-China Herald, 8 August 1868



(Daily Press)

   On the 5th and 6th instants the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council was occupied by this case.  The members present were: - Sir W. Erle, Lord Justice Wood, Lord Justice Selwyn, Sir E. V. Williams, and Sir J. Colville.

   This was a petition to the Queen (and referred to the Judicial Committee) by Mr. Pollard, a barrister, practising at Hongkong, who by the Chief-Justice was suspended for some days, and fined 200 dollars (£50), for a contempt of Court.  The fine had been paid, and Mr. Pollard complained of the course adopted towards him, and wished the stigma to be removed.

   Mr. Watkin Williams opened the case on the 15th, and continued his address on the following day, contending that the punishment of fine and suspension was not warranted by the facts.

   Mr. W. M. James, Q.C., and Mr. Ayrton appeared for the Chief Justice, not to answer the allegation, but to express his regret that he had been compelled to adopt the proceedings he had for the contempt committed.

   Sir W. Erle, on the conclusion of the discussion, said their lordships would communicate their decision to Her Majesty.


   We understand that private telegrams received by the French Mail, advises the result of the appeal in the above case, and that the fine has been remitted.

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