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Colonial Cases

Hong Kong

As Hong Kong was a British colony before being reabsorbed into China in 1997, the cases from British Hong Kong are listed separately from the extraterritorial China and Japan cases.

Except where marked otherwise, the following were decided by the British colonial courts which sat in Hong Kong. The great significance of R. v. Kwok Ashin is shown by the newspaper report at the end of the case.


Attorney General of Hong Kong v. Kwok A Sing, 1872 [habeas corpus] Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

Loss of SS Madras, 1886 [shipping]

Minor cases

Mixed Court decisions

Municipal Council v. Brown, 1878 [public nuisance]

Newspaper commentary, Hong Kong

Pollard, 1868 [contempt]

R. v. Alli, Asan and Kitchil, 1879 [murder]

R. v. Huffam, 1878 [embezzlement]

R. v. Kwok Ashing, 1871 [criminal procedure - extradition - Amistad case]

R. v. Moses, 1862 [fraud]

R. v. Schmitz, 1893 [shipping, quarantine]

Re Dent and Co., 1868 [bankruptcy]

Rodger v. The Comptoir D'Escompte de Paris and The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, 1869 [stoppage in transitu] Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

The Glenfruin and the Camorta, 1886 [shipping]

The Nylghau, 1889 [shipping]

The Suwonada, 1872 [shipping] United States

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