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Colonial Cases


The following cases were selected and transcribed by Peter Bullock.

Last updated February 2014.

Abbot of the Chrystoriotisa Monastery  v. Apostolides, 1883 [bankruptcy, religious body]

Ahmet v. Agha, 1886 [land law, conveyancing]

Antoniades v. Catsarides, 1884 [res judicata]

Christofides v. Tofaridi, 1885 [land law]

Di Cesnola, 1878 [conflict of laws]

Georghi v. Brutso, 1887 [land law, conveyancing]

Georghiades v. Zia, 1888 [local government]

Haralambo v. Michail, 1885 [legitimacy - marriage]

Kambellidi v. Andoni, 1885 [enforcement of judgments]

Machsa v. Hussein, 1885 [jurisdiction]

Mehmet v. Cosmo, 1884 [land law]

Mouhassebedji v. Apostollides, 1888 [land law]

Mozera v. Director of Land Registry Office, 1884 [land law - enforcement of judgments]

Newspaper Commentary and Minor Cases, Cyprus

Nicola v. Louka, 1883 [nationality]

Nicola v. Yanni, 1888 [mistake]

Penziches v. Halil, 1885 [imprisonment for debt]

Polydoro v. Georghi, 1887 [succession]

Queen's Advocate v. Superintendent of Sinai Monastery, 1885 [taxation, religious body]

R. v. Loizides and Nicopoulos, 1886 [criminal libel]

Yanni v. Queen's Advocate, 1888 [land law]

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