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Colonial Cases


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 16 January 1880

Burned to Death.

OMAHA, January 13. - A Swede named Olsson lived with a male companion in a dugout, about 12 miles from Ponca.  The next morning after Christmas a man passing along the road saw the smoking ruins of Olsson's hut, and going there was horrified to find Olsson lying in the doorway dead, one leg being burnt off and other parts of his person showing the effects of fire.  A coroner's inquest was being held at Ponca yesterday, but the result reached is not known here at this time.



THE OMAHA DAILY BEE, Friday 17 July 1891  (4)


An inquest was held this morning over the remains of Marion W. Uhl, who died Sunday from the effects of a bullet wound in the head.  The inquest was held at the home of Mr. C. F. Barras, 1445 E street, where the tragedy occurred.  The witnesses examined were Grandpa Barras, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Barras, Arthur Masterman and James Heaton. Coroner Dr. Holyoke had not intended holding an inquest, but unpleasant rumors having been circulated and intimated at in the papers that the demented brother who claims to have first found him after the deed was committed, had shot him, caused him to change his mind.

   There was very little that was new brought out by the inquest, the witnesses all testifying that he appeared to be in his usual good spirits and none could ascribe any reason for his rash act.  The invalid was never known to have a revolver in his possession and being deformed and shrunken in body could not have reached to where Uhl was lying and fire a revolver at him.  It was thought by some that Uhl may have accidentally killed himself, although he was used to firearms, having been in the hardware business.  As a man generally leaves some word when he takes his own life, this explanation has obtained considerable credence.  After listening to all the evidence the jury returned a verdict of death by suicide.



THE OMAHA DAILY BEE, Wednesday 12 June 1895  (1)

Murder of Chapple by Mr. & Mrs. Ish; long account, detailed autopsy.

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