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Colonial Cases


WINONA DAILY REPUBLICAN, MN., Saturday 11 May 1867 (2)

A MURDER was committed on the 21st in trhe town of Columbus, St. Clair county, Mich.  Two young men named Curley and McCall, had a quarrel of long standing, which culminated in the latter being shot through the head by Curley.  The murderer was not arrested at last accounts.


THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.), 10 June 1879.

A body was picked up near Pillar-rock and decently buried, on the 7th.  A coroner's inquest was held over the remains.  Among the effects found upon the person was a registered letter receipt to Miss Mary Bogardus, Bluffton, Waukegan county, Mich.  It is supposed that deceased was drowned at the Cascades.

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