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Colonial Cases

Scotland 1833

Cambrian, 28 September 1833
  Mr. Thomas Davies, a married man, about 35 years of age, master of the sloop Lovely, of Cardigan, met his death at Greenock, on Wednesday se'nnight, in the following distressing manner:- The steamer Helensburgh had just arrived at Greenock, and had begun to back so as to swing the bow out into the stream.  The Earl Grey was at the moment coming down the river, on which Captain M'Leod, of the Helensburgh, deemed it necessary to let go the fast at the stern to prevent a collision, and directed forwards motion to be given to the engine.  When this was done it was observed that another steamer was close at hand coming up, which it was necessary also to avoid.  For this purpose the engine was stopped,, and the tide at this time being about two-thirds ebb with a strong current, the Helensburgh was carried towards a luggage-boat fast to the quay, alongside of which was a yawl with two men on board, one of whom had hold of the luggage-boat as if attempting to ascend; but before he could do so the boats came in collision, and the body of the man was turned round between them two or three times till he dropped dead in the water. The other man, by laying down in the yawl, escaped without injury.  The body of the deceased was severely crushed, and the watch in his fob had the dial-plate broken.


Glamorgan Gazette, 23 November 1833
DREADFUL DEATH. - On Wednesday last, Jas. Bullivant, Brewer to Mr. W. Jackson, of the Slip Inn, Louth, finding himself rather cold, most imprudently laid himself down upon the cover of the brewing copper, which gave way, and he was precipitated into the boiling liquid; he was so dreadfully injured that after lingering in the most excruciating torment till the next day, death put an end to his sufferings.

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