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Colonial Cases

Scotland 1832

Monmouthshire Merlin, 7 April 1832
CAPTAIN WEMYSS. - On Tuesday last an inquest was held on the body of this unfortunate gentleman.  On the Saturday previous he was observed attempting to cross the Wampoo, from the Scotch side, but his horse having become restive and refusing to proceed, he dismounted, and led the animal along a narrow shelving ridge or bank, covered with water.  While thus crossing, he missed the right direction of the ford, fell, and was not seen to rise again.  The horse with difficulty attained the other side.  A verdict of Accidental death was returned. .  .  .   Carlisle Patriot.

Monmouthshire Merlin, 27 October 1832
MUDER AT CAMBUSNETHAN. - An atrocious murder was committed at Cambusnethan church, on Tuesday, or early on the morning of Wednesday, on the body of Samuel Nelson, a blind man, of considerable property, in that village.  On entering the house, early in the morning, his neighbours found him murdered in his bed, his brains literally smashed out.  The instrument by which this diabolical deed had been perpetrated was the nave of an old cart-wheel, which had been used as a seat in the house.  It is reported that the person on whom the suspicion is resting, is rather weak in his mind.  He has been traced, from his having no shoes on, in the direction of Carluke.

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