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Colonial Cases

Scotland 1830

Monmouthshire Merlin, 5 June 1830     [Scotland]

A REMARKABLE CASE. - On the 20th instant, a boy, between four and five years old, son of James Curral, labourer, Greenlaw, fell from a window-sole upon the floor, and had his tongue cut with his teeth.  The wounds bled very moderately at the time the accident happened; but they continued to break out at intervals, and latterly bled to such excess that all the efforts of the surgeon to stop the bleeding proved unavailing, and the child died on the Sabbath evening following, apparently from loss of blood.  The same child had his head cut by a fall two years ago, and although the surgeon had then the advantage of pressure upon the skull, the bleeding was with difficulty stopped.  He had his finger cut some time ago, and the wound continued to bleed at intervals during eight days.  It is said the child's maternal grandfather's family have the same tendency. - Caledonian Mercury.


Monmouthshire Merlin, 22 October 1830

   A melancholy circumstance occurred at Eat Wemyss, in Scotland, on Saturday last.  A young man, a weaver of the name of Hutchison, about 15 years of age, was suspended by one of the cords of his loom, and life was extinct.  From the account given by his parents, it would appear that his death had been caused by a foolish attempt to imitate the execution of Henderson, which he had witnessed at Cupar on Thursday.  He had been observed oftener than once placing a string round  his neck, as if wishing to ascertain the feeling caused by the operation.  Having been left an hour or two in the shop by himself, he had taken the opportunity of repeating the dangerous frolic.

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