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Colonial Cases

Scotland 1822

Cambrian, 24 August 1822

FATAL ACCIDENT. - On Saturday night, about eleven o'clock, the Hercules steam-boat, belonging to Glasgow, on her way from Greenock to Campbelltown, when off Greenock, unfortunately came in contact with, and run down, a boat or wherry filled with poor people from the Highlands, on their way to the southern districts to labour during the harvest.  Out of 45 persons on board the boat, only five  escaped a watery grave, and one of these, a woman, was taken up in such an exhausted state, that she is since dead.  One of the four unfortunate survivors, a man, had to mourn the loss of his wife, two daughters, and a son, by this fatal catastrophe.  The steam-boat had out lights, and also a proper watch, who repeatedly hailed the wherry; but owing to some fatal inadvertence, or probably from not understanding English, the unfortunate boat continued her course till escape was impossible.

Published by Centre for Comparative Law, History and Governance at Macquarie Law School