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Colonial Cases

Scotland 1802

The Observer, 31 January 1802

   A shoemaker, of the name of Lindsay, near Fountain-bridge, having had a dispute with a neighbour, a few days ago, about a bad shilling, ran into the street after him, with a knife in his hand, where, meeting a Dragoon, he plunged the knife into his body. - It is supposed the poor man cannot survive.  The ruffian has been apprehended, and committed to prison.


The Observer, 25 July 1802

   Last week two men, attempting to cross the Tweed in a cart at hempsseed-fotd, in the neighbourhood of Kelso, the stream being rapid, the cart was upset, when one of them was drowned.


The Observer, 22 August 1802

   A poor woman, mother to seven children, hung herself some days since at Berwick - a series of domestic disputes is stated as the cause.


The Observer, 12 December 1802

   A weaver, named Crawford, was last week found dead in a ditch, in the road between Darbly-toll and Barrhead, North-Britain.  He had a large wound on the back of the head; the lip was likewise cut, and some severe blows appeared to have been inflicted in different parts of the body.  The magistrates have used great exertions to discover the murderers, but hitherto without success.

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