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Colonial Cases

Scotland 1801

The Observer, 23 January 1803

   On Wednesday morning, the mother of a very fine boy, three years old, who resides in King-street, Leith, went to a well, a short distance from her house, leaving the child in bed, and on her return she found the infant lifeless, in consequence, it is supposed, of his having played with the fire.


The Observer, 17 June 1801

   Lately an unfortunate accident occurred at the North Ferry, Dundee.  A few of the privates of the Lanarkshire Militia, quartered at Dundee, had gone down from the Barracks to the Ferry, to take the diversion of shooting, when one of them carrying his gun in a careless manner, by some accident his piece went off, and lodged its contents in the back of one of his companions.  The poor man died in a few hours after.

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