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Colonial Cases


Gloucester Journal extracts


Apr 7.  Gloucester, Apr 6.  We hear from Horton, in this County, the following Melancholy Account, that on Sunday the 29th of March, a Gentleman's Servant near that Place, being in the Bellfrey, among the Bells, when the great Bell was standing, which he not observing, unfortunately stept upon it, by which it gave Way, and in its Fall cut the young Man almost in two in the middle, so that he died immediately.

Apr 14.  Gloucester, Apr 11.  They write from Newnham in this County, that one HENRY GOVET, Carpenter, being at work on board a Vessel there, had the Misfortune of having his Skull fractur'd by the Fall of a Piece of Timber, of which he dy'd, having left behind a Widow and four Children.

Jun 9.  Gloucester, Jun 6.  On Monday last one Mr KING of Marston coming from Cirencester Market, his Horse threw him, and he died on the spot.

Jun 16.  Gloucester, Jun 13.  One CHARLES JONES, of Sherborn in this County, kll'd himself this Week with drinking of Brandy.

Jul 7.  Bristol, Jul 4.  One Day last Week a Drummer's Wife of Lord Mark Ker's Regiment quarter'd here, poison'd herself, being jealous of her Husband.

Aug 11.  Gloucester, Aug 8.  Last week a Farmer going to Cirencester, with his waggon loaded with wheat, it happen'd to overset near a place called Cold Comfort, and kill'd the Farmer on the Spot.

Mr Keat, a great Shopkeeper at Sherborn, had the Misfortune to die suddenly this Week at Bristol.  He deservedly had the Character of an honest industrious Tradesman, and has left a Wife and ten children, to bewail the Loss of so good a Husband, and tender Father.

Aug 18.  Advert re 2 day old child left at Minchinhampton.

Oct 6.  Gloucester, Oct 3.  We hear from Cirencester that last Week three Children having, by mistake, drank some Aqua-Fortis instead of Small Beer, two of them died immediately, and the life of the third is very much endanger'd.

Nov 10.  On Thursday last, as DANIEL HAWKINS of Hardwick within 3 Miles of this City, was driving a Waggon, loaded with Poles of Wood, which was in danger of being overturn'd, whilst he was endeavouring to prevent it a wheel broke, and before he could get far enough out of the way, one of the Poles fell from the Waggon upon him, and broke his Neck.


May 11.  Accidents.  Bristol Old Street man fell off own cart, son of farmer at Bristol Causeway, burnt in barn fire??

Jun 15.  This week one GREEN, a Shoemaker in this City, being much heated with Liquor, went into the Severn with an Intent to cool himself, and was unfortunately drowned.

Aug 3.  A list of the prisoners to be try'd here this Assizes:  SUS. DANGERFIRLD and THOMAS CLARE, for Murder.

Aug 10.  THO. CLARE, who kill'd JOHN WAYNE at Frogmill on the 26th past, was found guilty of Manslaughter, and burnt in the Hand.

Sep 7.  Gloucester, Aug (sic) 4.  This Week a Woman dropt down dead on the Farthing Bridge in this City.
   [On Wednesday] Likewise the same Day in the Evening, a Boy fell out of a Boat into the River Severn, near Gloucester, and was drowned.

Sep 14.  Bristol Assizes, Sep 11.  Yesterday our General Gaol Delivery ended here, when the four following Malefactors received Sentence of Death, viz.  ... and THOMAS CARROLL, lately belonging to the Lord Kerr's Regiment of Foot, quarter'd in this City, for the Murder of JOHN BOYSE, of the said Regiment, at the Angel in King street.

Sep 21.  Thomas Carroll, condemn'd for the Murder of John Boyse, fter Sentence pass'd, on his Knees told his Lordship that he expected to die, and begged to have Time allow'd him to prepare for another world; adding, that he died for Joseph Allen, that Day arraigned with him by the name of John Allen; and declared him to be the Person who committed the Fact.
  The said Tho. Carroll, ... is since repriev'd; and it has been thought fit to continue Joseph Allen in Prison, lest an Appeal should be lodged against him by some of the deceased Boyse's  Friends.

Oct 12.  Bristol, Oct 2.  Yesterday was Se'nnight a Man fell over the Key, suppos'd to have miss'd his Way to the Bridge, and was drowned.  And on Saturday Night last another Man fell out of a Loft, the Backside of the White Horse Inn in Redcliffe Street, into the River, and was drowned.

Oct 19.  Bristol, Oct 9.  One Mr HEAD, a Master Mason, and one ------ were drowned on Thursday Night last in Sea Mill Brook.


Jan 4.  Gloucester, Jan 1.  About the middle of this week a young Woman, Daughter in Law to Owner Williams, going to push off her Father's Barge a little above the Key, accidentally slipp'd into the River, and was drowned; the News whereof so surpriz'd her Mother, who had been ill for some time, that she died son after; and both were interr'd together this Evening.

Jan 25.  Gloucester, Jan 22.  We have an account from Chepstow, that on Thursday Night last JAMES DAVIS, (formerly Servant to Sir William Morgan, but of late to Mr Robert Morgan) endeavouring to leap his Horse over some Stiles in the Footway between that place and Tidenham, the Horse fell upon him and kill'd him.

Feb 1.  Gloucester, Jan 29.  We have an Account from Tetbury, that on the 20th Instant, GEO CONSTABLE, a Youth about 12 Years of Age, went with some other Lads into his Father's Garden, in order to divert themselves with a Play representing Bull baiting, and having ty'd one Part of a Girth round the Body of a Tree, and the other about his Neck, he slipp'd off a Bank, and strangled himself:  His unwary Companions, not being appriz'd of the Danger, view'd him for some time with Pleasure, but finding that he was speechless, they ran to acquaint some of the Neighbours therewith, but too late, for before any Person came to his Relief, the unfortunate Youth was dead.

Mar 7.  Gloucester, Mar 4.  Assizes.  JOHN GILES, alias CHILD, and MARGARET GOULDING, on suspicion of Murder.

Mar 14.  Gloucester, Mar 8.  JOHN GILES, found Guilty of Manslaughter, by striking EDWARD DYER, jun. Of Compton, 2 Blows on the Head with a Stick, whereof he dy'd, was burnt in the Hand, and order'd to remain in Gaol eleven months, without Bail or Mainprize.

Mar 21.  Gloucester, Mar 20.  Last Monday Evening two Men, Brothers in Law, having borrow'd a small Boat, in order to go a fishing; as they were endeavouring to pass through one of the arches at Over's Bridge, near this City, the Boat overset, and they were both drowned.
  But a more melancholy Accident of this Nature happen'd last Saturday within two Miles of Newnham, where Owner Pearse's Passage boat, bound from Bristol to that Place, struck against a Sand, and sunk down immediately, whereby eight or ten People lost their Lives.

Mar 28.  Gloucester, Mar 25.  They write from Newnham, that the Number of Persons drowned last Saturday was 7-night, (as mention'd in our former) appears to be 17, Men, Woman, and Children.

Apr 18.  Bristol, Apr 15.  Last Saturday Night one of the Drawers at the Bush Tavern in Corn Street, fell over Wade's Bridge, and was drown'd.
  And the next Morning, a Lad of about 14 was also drown'd near the same Place.

May 9.  Gloucester, May 6.  They write from Mitchel Deane in this County, that on Friday the 28th of April last, between the Hours of Seven and Eight in the Evening (as is suppos'd) one THOMAS TURBERVILE of that Town, Carpenter, was in a most barbarous and inhuman Manner murder'd in his own Shop, by having his Brains dash'd out, and afterwards his Skull chopp'd and beat all to Pieces with a broad Axe.  The Deceased being a Widower, and having no Child, liv'd alone, and was not found till the Saturday Evening, where the Axe was lying by him all over Gore Blood.  The Person who is justly suspected to have committed this villanous and bloody Fact, is one ELY HATTEN, a weaver, son of Thomas Hatten, of Ruar Deane, Victualler; who was seen between the Hours above mentioned to follow the said Turbervile into his House; and the Deceased was never seen afterwards till found dead in the Manner aforesaid.  There are a great many other Circumstances which induce People to believe he was the Person that committed the Fact; one in particular was, that a Shirt and a Pair of Stockings of the Deceased were found on his Back and Legs, when he was under Examination before the Jury at the Inquest.  He is now confined in our Castle, and, 'tis to be hop'd, at the next Assizes will meet with as just a Punishment as so desperate and bloody minded a wretch deserves, in order to deter others from committing the like Offence.

May 23.  Gloucester, May 20.  On Tuesday last a very melancholy Accident happen'd near the Horse pool not far from this City, in the road to Stroud, viz. One Farmer Townsend and his Servant coming through a Clover Ground belonging to THOMAS BURCHAL, a Butcher, accidentally broke the Gate, and he being at an Ale house near the Road, and hearing thereof, was so enraged, that he took his Horse and rode after the waggon.  The Farmer offer'd to satisfy him for the Damage done; but he said he would have no other Satisfaction than beating the waggoner for it, which he did with a Stick so violently, that he broke the young Man's Scull, who dy'd a few Hours after he got Home, which was about a Mile from the Place.  We hear that the Butcher had his Collar Bone broke in the Scuffle.  The Coroner's Inquest sate on the Body of the Deceased on Thursday, and brought in their Verdict, Wilful Murder.
NB  We are inform'd that the said THOMAS BURCHAL had taken the ground but a few Hours before this happen'd, and that he has a Wife and four Children.

May 30.  Gloucester, May 27.  On Tuesday last STEPHEN BLISS, a Baker of Painswick, pull'd off his Cloaths, and jump'd into a Well, and drowned himself; there was 10 or 15 l. found, which he had laid by the side thereof.  He dy'd with 6 or 700 l. And as he was generally thought to be Lunatick for the greatest Part of his Life, this last desperate Act shews the Opinion not to be ill grounded.

June 20.  Gloucester, June 17.  Last Week two Boys quarrelling at Highnam, near this City, one of them in the Fray snatch'd up the Hedge Bill of a Man who was at work just by them, and struck his Antagonist on the Head with it: The Person with whom the Boy Liv'd, apprehending there was no Danger, neglected to have the Wound dress'd in Time, so that he is since dead; for it seems the other had cut him into the Brain.

Aug 8.  Gloucester, Aug 5.  On Friday last THOMAS BURCHILL, some Time since found guilty (before Edward Webb, Gent. Coroner) of the Murder of one JOHN CAUSON, voluntarily surrender'd himself to the Keeper of our Castle.

Aug 22.  Gloucester, Aug 19.  Assizes.  ELY HATTON, and THOMAS BURCHELL, for Murder; the former for killing Tho. Turbervile, late of Mitchel Dean, Carpenter; and the latter for killing John Causon.
  Last Saurday was se'nnight Mr LITTLE, a Farmer at Ashler near this City, threw himself into the Severn, and was taken up this week at our Key drowned: 'Tis supposed he was disorder'd in his Senses.

Aug 29.  Gloucester, Aug 26.  On Wednesday last the Assizes ended here, when one Man received Sentence of Death, viz. ELY HATTON, for the most barbarous and inhuman Murder of Tho. Turbervile, late of Mitchel Dean, Carpenter, on Friday the 28th of April last, who was found in his Shop the next Day with his Brains dash'd out, and his Skull chopp'd to Pieces with a broad Axe, that was lying by him, all over bloody.  There were several reputable Witnesses called to prove this horrid Fact, which nothing but ocular Demonstration could tender more plain, for when he was apprehended, he had on a Shirt and a Pair of Stockings of the Deceased's, and his Coat was bloody in several Places.   He acknowledged that he was with the Deceased that Evening, and had only to say in Excuse, that the Deceased and he went to a Hill near the Town to view some Deer; but called no body to prove that they were there: He likewise produced no Person to speak to his Reputation, or that could say the least Thing in his Favour: One Man whom he called as a Witness to prove that he saw him about 9 o'clock that Night the Murder was committed, said, he verily believ'd he was the Person that committed the said Murder: In short, no Circumstances ever concurr'd better to prove a Man guilty, than those alleg'd against the Prisoner.  One Thing was very remarkable: The Prisoner on his Trial said, the Shirt he had on when apprehended was his Brother's, and on his Examination before the Coroner said it belonged to his Father.

Aug 29.  Gloucester, Aug 26, cont'd.  Three were burnt in the Hand, viz. THO. BURCHELL and Wm MOULDER, for Manslaughter.
PS.  ELY HATTON, we hear, is to be hang'd at Mitchel Dean on Monday the 4th of Sept. Next, and then to be put up in Chains.  He is very illiterate, and as yet persists in the Denial of the Fact.

Sep 5.  Gloucester, Sep 4.  About 7 o'Clock this Morning ELY HATTON, attended by the proper Officers, and a prodigious Concourse of People, was carry'd to Mitchel Dean, in order to be executed near that Place, for the barbarous Murder of THO. TURBERVILE, late of the said Town, Carpenter.

Sep 12.  Gloucester, Sep 9.  We have an Account from Tetbury, That on Sunday and Monday last there was a great Meeting of the People call'd Quakers, some say, to the number of 1200.  A Carpenter of that Place fell down dead, as he was putting up some Seats for the Conveniency of their Meeting, and we hear they collected 25 l. For his Widow and Family, and that they also gave 15 l. To be distributed among the Poor of the Parish.
  On Monday last ELY HATTON was executed and afterwards hung in Chains on Meane Hill near Mitchel Dean, for the barbarous Murder of Tho. Turbervile, late of that Town, Carpenter.  At the Tree he was in a very moving and tender Manner exhorted to confess his Crime, but persisted in the Denial of it to the very Moment that he was turn'd off the Ladder, declaring, as he hop'd for Salvation, he was entirely innocent thereof.  He own'd that he had been a great Sabbath Breaker, saying, 'twas usual for young People thereabouts to work all the week, and on the Sunday to go and steal Deer; also that he had been very much addicted to Whoring, which, he said, gave his Conscience the greatest uneasiness.  There were near 10,000 spectators present.

Sep 26.  Gloucester, Sep 23.  Last Thursday Mr ESCOATE, the Custom house Officer at Berkeley, and six other Persons, were overset in a small Boat, by a sudden Squall of wind, in the Severn; and the said Mr Escoate and one other Person were drowned; but the remaining five saved themselves by swimming, and getting fast hold of the Boat, till assistance came.

Oct 10.  Gloucester, Oct 7.  They write from Burford in Oxfordshire, that on Tuesday last a Man who was very ill and light headed, got out of his Bed and ran into the River there, and was drowned before any Person could come to his Assistance.

Nov 7.  Gloucester, Nov 4.  We hear from Mitchel Dean, that the Gibbet on which ELY HATTON was hung, was cut down on Sunday Night last, and his Body left on the Ground.

Nov 14.  Gloucester, Nov 5.  Last Week the old Boatman at the Haugh near Tewkesbury, suppos'd to be in Liquor, fell into the Severn, and was drowned.
  This Week a Trowman at our Key, having also drank too plentifully, fell over board, and met with the same unhappy fate.


Feb 27.  Gloucester, Feb 24.  Last Tuesday Night a Quarrel happen'd on board Owner Stewart's Vessel of Bradley, then lying near Tewkesbury, between two of his Men, one of whom push'd the other overboard, and struck him with the shaft, so that he sunk immediately; after which the villain jump'd into the River, swam to the Shore, and made his Escape.

May 22.  Gloucester, May 19.  Last Tuesday a poor woman of this City, being disorder'd in her Senses, hang'd herself.
  About the same time, two Children were burnt in a terrible Manner, at Hempstead near this City, one of which is since dead, and the other lies dangerously ill:  it is observable, that the affectionate Father was then attending upon a Company of Morrice Dancers with his Tabot and Pipe, and when the News of this melancholy Accident was brought to him, he refus'd to return Home, saying, He would not lose his Whitsuntide.

Jun 12.  Gloucester, Jun 9.   And from Stroud in this County, that on Sunday last a Girl about 12 or 13 Years of Age, returning Home from Church last Sunday, was seiz'd with a violent Fit, and dy'd soon after.
  On Tuesday last the Wife of Mr Watson, an Upholsterer in this City, went into a Neighbour's House, and sate down, taking a Book in her Hand, and dropt down dead.

Jul 10.  Gloucester, Jul 7.  Assizes.   ARTHUR HOOPER, for the Murder of one JOSEPH MILES.

Jul 17.  Gloucester,  Jul 14.  On Friday last was brought to our Castle one ISAAC MAYO,  a young Man, for the most barbarous and inhuman Murder of his Uncle, Mr THOS SNOW of Moreton in Marsh in this County: which Fact he confess'd.

Aug 20.  Gloucester, Aug 18.   They write from Tewkesbury, that on Sunday Morning last Mr JAINE, a Baker of that Town, dy'd suddenly in his Pew, just before Divine Service.

Sep 4.  Gloucester, Sep 1.  From Fox Farm in the Parish of Swell near Stow we have an Account, that the same Day some Leasers, &c. , retir'd to a Wheat rick for Shelter from the Rain, when the Rick slipt from off the Props, and kill'd two of them.

Oct 30.  Bristol, Sep 27.   Last Night one GEORGE BARON, a poor Man that kept a Huckster's Shop without the Petty Gate, was inhumanly murder'd by three Soldiers, who were all committed to Newgate this Day for the same.

Nov 27.  Gloucester, Nov 26.  On Saturday Night died in our Castle  ---- MAY, committed there for the Murder of his Uncle at Moreton in Marsh:  And about the 8th of this Month died there one PARKER,  a noted Horse stealer.   


Jul 9.  Bristol, Jul 6.  Last Sunday Morning one of the Serjeants belonging to Col. Montague's Regiment, drown'd himself in Earl's Meads River; his Hat and Coat he left on the Bank: The Reason of his committing this rash Act is not known, being well in his Senses, as thought, the Day before.

Sep 24.  Bristol, Sep 14.  THOMAS KITCHINGMAN, a Scotchman, SAMUEL OWEN, and THOMAS BADGER, three Centinels belonging to Col. Montague's Regiment, lately in Quarters here, were indicted for murdering ROGER BARON, who kept a little Shop near the Pithay Gate, by striking him on the left side of the Head, and thereby fracturing his Skull, of which wound he died on the Spot, when KITCHINGMAN was found Guilty of the Murder, and OWEN and BADGER of Manslaughter.
  MARTHA MORGAN, for the Murder of her Female Bastard Child, by strangling it with a small Cord, and throwing it into a Bog house, of which she was found guilty.  Sentenced to Death.  (Also mentioned Sep 28 and Oct 1.)

Oct 8.  Bristol, Sep 27.  Yesterday about 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon, THOMAS KITCHINGMAN, and MARTHA MORGAN, were drawn from Newgate in a Mourning Coach with Four Horses, the the Place of Execution on St Michael's Hill, attended by a Divine, the Sheriff, and all the City Constables, and a Great Concourse of People; before the Coach went a Cart with their Coffins.. They behaved with much Penitence; but KITCHINGMAN denied to the very last his being guilty of the Murder he was about to suffer for, affirming, that OWEN (indicted with him for the same Fact) was the Man that gave the Deceased the fatal Blow.  There seems to be something in this Matter to verify his assertion; for the Night OWEN was discharg'd, he fell on his Kness, and looking towards the Condemn'd Room, in Effect said, That he ought to be there in KITCHINGMAN's Place, and hop'd that God would forgive him.  MARTHA MORGAN confess'd the murdering her Female Infant; and after about an Hour's Respite for their Devotion, the Cart drew away.  
  The Day before their Execution, MARTHA MORGAN sent a very melancholy Letter to the Father of the Child.
  Four Soldiers took Care of the Body of KITCHINGMAN, and convey'd it to St Michael's Churchyard, where after being put in the Ground, they put Lime into the Coffin, and pour'd Water upon it, to prevent the Surgeons stealing the Body; and the Woman's was deliver'd to her Brother.

Dec 24.  Gloucester, Dec 21.  On Thursday Night an Oyster Boat, bound for Worcester, was overset near our Bridge, and two young Men belonging to her drowned.
Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, 1309, page 364-65.
The Election of a Coroner in 1735.
On the death of Thomas Machen, one of the corners for Gloucestershire, the sheriff ordered the election of his successor  to take place at Mangotsfield - apparently with the intention of favouring a candidate residing in that district, Mr Edgar Guest, who was elected.  A gentleman, however, who was possibly an unsuccessful competitor, appealed to the Court of Chancery, which annulled the election.  A new sheriff (Thomas Lingen) had by this time come into office, and that gentleman convened the freeholders to a county court to be held at Painswick, the town in which dwelt the applicant to the Lord Chancellor.  The following were the addresses of the rival candidates, as published in the Gloucester Journal of April 29:-
  To the Gentlemen and Freeholders of the County of Gloucester.  Thomas Winn, of Painswick, humbly represents that he has at a great expence to himself alone, obtained an order out of the High Court of Chancery, for making void a late election of a Coroner at Mangotsfield, near Bristol, by reason of some corrupt influences and indirect measures used and taken in the procuring and compleating such election there.  Which, he apprehended, very much tended to defeat the good intentions of the laws in the appointment of such an officer, and the rights and privileges of the freeholders in choosing him.  Therefore the said Thomas Winn humbly hopes, that at the ensuing election of a coroner he shall be favoured with the votes and interest of all the freeholders that are true lovers of the liberty and privileges of their country.

To the Freeholders of the County of Gloucester.  Your vote and interest are desir'd for Mr Edgar Guest, to be chosen Coroner for this county; he living about five miles from Bristol, and on the borders of Kingswood, where are many coal-works: And the great parish of St Philip & St Jacob by Bristol has generally more accidents that require the presence of a coroner, than all the county besides.  One of the present coroners lives at Painswick, another near it, and the third at Lidney in the Forest.  The great distance they live at causes and unreasonable expence to poor families, and parishes, where accidents happen, and many crimes may go unpunished for want of proper enquiry.  N.B.  No candidate offers near than Painswick, besides Mr Guest, who has been chosen, and acted, 'till superseded by my Lord Chancellor (tho' without any fault of his own) upon the petition of one Mr Winn, of Painswick, whose great expence, as he calls it, is ordered by my Lord Chancellor to be paid him, and who stands a candidate, and who, if chosen, would make three coroners within three or four miles of each other.  EDGAR GUEST.

The election took place on the 7th May, and resulted in the return of Mr Winn, who polled 675 votes, against 465 recorded for his opponent.

Gloucester Journal extracts


Mar 16.  Gloucester, Mar 13.  Assizes.  JANE KILMASTER, for the Murder of her Bastard Child.

Mar 23.  Gloucester, Mar 17.  JANE KILMISTER ... acquitted.

Apr 6.  Bristol, Apr 3.  The Trial of JAMES SMITH, brought by Habeas Corpus from London, and charg'd with the Murder of JAMES BELLARDINE, Soldier in Col. Hargrave's Regiment of Foot, is put off till the next Assizes, the Evidence not being in Town.
  Gloucester, Apr 3.  A few days before this [Saturday last] a Youth about 11 or 12 Years old, being sent for a Roasting Pig to a Neighbour's in the Country, the Pig's squeaking so frighten'd the Horse, that he ran away with the Boy, whose Leg hanging in the Stirrup Leather, he was dragg'd a considerable Way, and his Brains dash'd out.

Apr 13.  Gloucester, Apr 10.  They write from Blackney, that one JOHN WHITE, a Butcher of that Place, coming from Berkeley  on Wednesday last, and the passage boat at Perton not going off in an Hour, he would not stay, and attempting to ford over at Gatcomb, both he and his Horse were drowned, and have not been seen since.

Apr 20.  Bristol, Apr 10.   Last Thursday was committed to Bridewell an unhappy young Woman, for the Murder of her new born Male Child, by throwing it into a Horse Pond, the further end of Milk Street:  She confess'd the Fact, and that she was deliver'd last Tuesday; but she appear'd well abroad the next Day.  An Ostler at the Inn is the Father.

May 11.  Bristol , May 1.  Entry not completed.  Mrs NORMAN, Huckster's Shop, St Philip; Murder.

Jun 29.  Bristol, Jun 19.  A small Estate near Tedbury in the County of Gloucester, having lately fell to the Wife of Mr MILTON, a Ship Carpenter at Shirehampton, four Miles from this City, they both went on Tuesday in Whitsun Week, with an Intention to view the same; but unhappily as they were at the Foot of a Hill, endeavouring to avoid two Waggons, particularly one coming down with great Violence, the Drag Chain having broke, she accidentally fell off the Horse, and before her Husband had the Power to quit his Saddle, the Waggon went over her Body, and crush'd her to Death.

Jul 27.  Gloucester, Jul 24.  Last Wednesday were committed to our Castle, ROBERT DOWERS, BENJAMIN POPE, ANTHONY FARRIER, and GEORGE DOWERS, (son of the said Robert) being found guilty on the Coroner's Inquest, of the Murder of SARAH WILLIAMS of the Parish of St Philip and Jacob in Bristol.

Aug 3.  Gloucester, Jul 31.  Last Week a young Woman of Hempstead near this City, took a Dose of Poison, (tho' for what Reason is unknown) and tho' all Measures were us'd to expel it, she died this Evening.

Aug 31.  Gloucester, Aug 28.  Assizes.  And MICHAEL CASTLE, for the Murder of SARAH WILLIAMS.  [See Jul 27.]

Sep 7.  Gloucester, Sep 4.  At the said Assizes, ROBERT DOWERS was indicted for the Murder of SARAH WILLIAMS, and, after a Trial which lasted Seven Hours, was acquitted: But BENJAMIN POPE, ANTHONY FARRIER, GEORGE DOWERS, and MICHAEL CASTLE, had no Bills of Indictment found against them for the said Murder by the Grand Jury.

Dec 21.  Gloucester, Dec 20.  Ship sunk; 28 drowned.  

Jan 4. Bristol, Dec 26.   On Wednesday Morning ABRAHAM HODGES, a Kingswood Collier, was found on his Belly in a Lime Kiln without Lawford's Gate, miserably burnt to Death: Being in Liquor the Night before, 'tis thought he fell asleep on the Kiln.

Feb 22.  Bristol, Feb 12.  On Tuesday last an Ox broke out of the Slaughter House belonging to Mr JELLY, a Butcher in Tucker Street, and gor'd a Boy in the Groin, so that he died the same Evening; Mr HOBHOUSE, an eminent Merchant, and several other Persons narrowly escaped Mischief by the said Ox, who run at every Person in his Way.

Mar 8.  Gloucester, Mar 5.  Assizes.  HANNAH FLETCHER, for the Murder of her Bastard Child.

Apr 5.  Bristol, Apr 2.  Tuesday Morning one PATRICK, a Shoemaker, aged upwards of 76, tied his two Legs, which were much deform'd, and flung himself into the River, in order to drown himself, near the Passage Boat on St Philip's Backs; but being prevented for that Time, as he had been several times before from hanging himself; on Wednesday Night he stabb'd himself in several Parts of his Belly, and died the Night following.

Apr 12.  Bristol, Apr 9.  Advert by Stephen Baugh, Coroner, re Estate Queens Square, Bristol.

May 3.  Bristol, Apr 28.  On Monday last a Cart passing through St John's Gate in this City, by the Carelessness of its Driver crush'd a Girl, so that she died the next Day.  The Man is committed to Bridewell.

Jul 19.  Gloucester, Jul 16.  On Tuesday last a very melancholy Accident happened near Bourton on the Water in this County; viz. One JOHN ARCHALLof that Place, Carpenter, with a neighbouring Farmer and his Servants, went to fetch some Timber, in order to make some Implements of Husbandry for the Farmer's Use; and on their Return, the Timber (as is supposed) not being well placed in the Waggon, lay too much on one Side, whereupon they all three got up in order to balance it; and the Farmer's Boy driving down the Hill, the Waggon was overthrown, whereby the Carpenter was killed on the Spot, one of the Farmer's Legs so desperately crush'd, that 'tis thought it must be cut off, and his Man so miserably bruis'd that his Life is despair'd of.  The Carpenter has left a Wife and four small Children, and had the Character of an honest industrious Man.

Aug 2.  Bristol, Jul 23.  This Week was committed to Newgate Gaol BENJAMIN YOUNG, a little deformed Lad about 16 Years of Age, for the Wilful Murder of JAMES WEBB, an Infant about 20 Months old, by throwing it into the River Avon, by which it was drown'd.  It seems he is noted for trying Experiments on Children in the Hanging Way, and that not long ago he had like to have made an End of two Children in this Branch of the Art; one of whom he ty'd up with a Martin Twine, which with the struggling of the Child stript the Skin off the Underjaw.  The Body was taken up at Rownam Passage on Wednesday or Thursday last, and three Persons have swore to the Fact.   Various are the Conjectures on this Murder; some being of Opinion that he cannot be convicted on account of his Age; but he would be of Age to be convicted; for the Law says, (vide Judge Hall's Pleas of the Crown) That if a Child of Ten Years Old shall kill a Man, it's not Death; but if he shall kill one younger than himself, that then in such Case he shall be convicted, and suffer Death as in all other Cases of Felony.

Sep 13.  Bristol, Sep 6.  Assizes.  JAMES YOUNG, (a Lad of 15 Years of Age) for the Murder of JAMES WEBB, an Infant of 8 Months old, by throwing him into the River Avon, and drowning him; ... received Sentence of Death.

Sep 27.  Bristol, Sep 17.  BENJAMIN YOUNG, the Boy who received Sentence of Death, for drowning a Child of 20 Months old, is reprieved; but unhappily his poor Mother had taken his Misfortune so much to Heart, that she died Yesterday Morning.

Nov 22.  Bristol, Nov 19.  Female, Body in sack on Durdham Down.


Jan 3. Gloucester, Dec 31.  Last Tuesday, about Five in the Evening, Farmer PECK of Bampton returning from Faringdon Market., after he had pass'd Ratcot Bridge, his Horse would go no further on account of the Ice, but starting back, rear'd up and threw the Farmer into the Brook, whereby he was drowned.

Jan 17.  Gloucester, Jan 14.  From Thornbury, that one PH BEASY, near the New Passage, had the Misfortune to lose his Wife and five Children, and two Maids, by the Sea Banks being broke down, and the Floods coming in.  He was sav'd by breaking through the Thatch of the House, and sitting on the Roof of it, in which Posture he continu'd till the next Morning, when a Boat came and fetch'd him away.  He likewise lost all his Sheep and Cattle, as did most of his Neighbours.

Jan 24.  Death of Leonard Monk, Coroner, and Election adverts by EDWARD BAUGH, STEPHEN POWELL, and JOHN BAYLEY.

Mar 14.  Gloucester, Mar 11.  Assizes.  Three were burnt in the Hand, viz.  SAMUEL HALLIDAY, for Manslaughter.
  Notice of Election of Coroner by Sheriff, at Tewkesbury.

Mar 21.  Gloucester, Mar 19??   Last Tuesday Night, Mr HINTON of South Cerney, a Gentleman of 100 l. Per ann. Who was on the point of Marriage, coming from Minty, accidentally fell from his Horse into the Millpond at Cosly's Mill, in the Parish of Somerford, and was drowned.
  Notice of Election of Coroner by Sheriff, at Tewkesbury.

Jun 20.  Gloucester, Jun 17.  We hear from Stow o'th'Wold, that on Saturday Night EDWARD ROWLAND of Winchcombe in this County, who was taken up there the Day before for stealing a Horse, and sent to the Blind house 'till they could convey him to our Castle, hang'd himself.  He was about 18 or 19 Years of Age.

Oct 31.  Bristol, Oct 28.  Sunday Night last a most shocking Murder was perpetrated by one WILLIS, (who kept a Huckster's Shop without Lawford's Gate, and sold Spirituous Liquors) his Wife, and one BETTY DARBY, on the Body of EDWD FINKS; belonging to the Brass Works at Baptist Mills.  They are now in Custody for this horrid Fact.  


Jan 2.  Gloucester, Dec 30.  We have an Account from Dursley of a very melancholy Accident which happen'd there on Tuesday last, in the following Manner, viz.  Six  young Lads of that Town being out a shooting in the Fields adjacent; two of them shot at a Bird and kill'd it, and each claiming it as his particular Right, the Dispute grew so high, that they proceeded to Blows; and whilst three of the rest were endeavoring to part them, the fourth took up a loaded Piece, and said, Stand away, I warrant ye I'll part them, and immediately shot at them, whereby one was kill'd on the Spot, and the other is so desperately wounded in one of his Arms, that 'tis dubious whether he'll ever recover the Use of it.  The Coroner's Inquest have since sate on the Body of the Deceased, and brought in their verdict, Accidental Death.

Feb 13.  Gloucester, Feb 10.  ... The Water being so prodigiously out, that in many Parts of the Country 'tis dangerous to travel: An Instance of which happen'd Yesterday at the Lye near this City, where a young Man was drowned, in attempting to get over a Place that was flooded, to save himself the Trouble of going a Quarter of a Mile out of the Way.

Apr 3.  Gloucester, Mar 31.  Assizes.  JOHN WILLIS, for the Murder of STEPHEN FINK.

Apr 10.  Gloucester, Apr 7.  Four were burnt in the Hand, viz. JOHN WILLIS, for the Manslaughter of STEPHEN FINCH.
  FRANCIS HOBBS, charged with the Murder of his fellow Servant, Mr ABBOTTS, at his Grace the Duke of Beaufort's, was honourably acquitted.

Apr 24. Bristol Assizes.   Sentence of Death, viz. JOHN KINNERLEY, for the Murder of JAMES BURGESS.

Jun 12.  Gloucester, Jun 9.  The same Day [Saturday last] JAMES HUNT, who kept the Crown Inn at Churcham, within four Miles of this City, loading a Waggon with Poles, one of them fell on his Head, and kill'd him on the Spot.
  The same day also, JOHN ROBERTS, of Ross in Herefordshire, Carrier, returning Home from Hereford, at Hoarwithy, both he and the Horse he rode on fell down a Rock, near the River Wye, and were kill'd; the Man's Brains being dash'd out by the Fall, and his Hair was found hanging on several Places of the Rock.

Aug 7.  Gloucester, Aug 4.  Assizes.  GRACE HYETT, for the Murder of her Bastard Child.

Aug 14.  On Saturday Night last a Boy unfortunately fell off a Trow near this City; one of the Crew immediately jump'd in after him and brought him almost to Shore, but growing faint, he deserted him, and, with much Difficulty, got to Land; another presently after coming to his assistance, the Boy fasten'd round his Neck, and both were drown'd.

Nov 6.  Advert re male child aged 1 month left Gloucester St Catherines on 27 Oct.

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