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Colonial Cases

Ma Ying-tsin v. Bland, 1920

[car accident]

Ma Ying-tsin v. Bland

Supreme Court of China and Japan
May 1920
Source: The Canton Times, 11 May 1920


Chinese Receives Verdict Of $900 For Auto Accident.

   Judgment for $900 against Mr. H. Bland of the Shanghai Municipal Health Office was given in favour of Mr. Ma Ying-tsin of the Chinese Government Steamship Administration on Monday in the British Supreme Court.  Plaintiff was run down by defendant's motor car, driven by his Chinese chauffeur on February 17 on Szechuen Road.

   Mr. Reader Harris represented the plaintiff while the counsel for the defense was Mr. Lipson Ward.  The judge, Mr. Skinner Turner, expressed the opinion that the onus was upon the defendant to show that he was not negligent.  The plaintiff had proved special damages of $700 and the Court awarded $900.  The plaintiff claimed $1,318.

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