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Colonial Cases

Jitsonuri, 1900



Japanese Consular Court, Shanghai
9 August 1900
Source: The North-China Herald, 15 August 1900



Shanghai, 9th of August.

Before S. MATSUMARA, Esq., Vice-Consul, R. TAKESAKI, Esq., Chancellor, and Y. IWAGOE, Esq., Secretary.


The house boy Hara Jitsonuri, recently arrested by Sergeants Gilfillan and Gibson on a charge of stealing valuables from the Japanese Hotel in Soochow Road on the 29th ultimo, was brought before his Consular authorities to-day.

Mr. J. Obinata, M.E., gave evidence regarding the loss of $100 (Mexican), a bank draft for $1,393, 150 yen, a 10 yen gold piece and a gold watch and chain value $215.

Mr. Y. Arai, proprietor of the hotel, identified then revolver, pouch, etc., found on prisoner, as his property.

The prisoner, upon whom all the money, etc., was found except $10, had nothing to say in his defence.

He was sentenced to eight months' hard labour and six months' police surveillance.

It will be remembered that on the day after his arrest the prisoner made his escape from then Japanese Consulate and he was only recaptured on the 6th instant.  It seems that he first made his way to the Point Hotel and then went to Pooting, where he was living for a while in an empty boat.  He went to a Japanese house in the Settlement and asked for a drink of water.  The landlord recognised him and sent word to the Consulate.  The Japanese Police Inspector arrived and soon had his man in safe keeping, with the result stated above.

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