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Colonial Cases

R. v. Singh and others, 1898

[prosecution of police]

R. v. Singh and others

Police Court, Shanghai
Fulford, 20 January 1898
Source: North China Herald, 21 January, 1898

Shanghai, 20th January.
Before H. E. Fulford, Esq., Police Magistrate.
  BHOLA SINGH and KAN SINGH. Watchmen, and DAVA SINGH, police constable, were charged with assaulting one Sobah Singh and stealing from his person the sum of $108, at Kinleeyuen Wharf, on the 18th instant.  Mr. E. J. Blake appeared for the defendants; complainant appearing in person.
  Defendants pleaded not guilty.
  Complainant said that shortly before four o'clock on the 18th inst. he and a friend named Bhagat Singh arrived at the Kinleeyuen Wharf in a sampan. Witness was carrying wrapped up in a bundle $108. A man named Uttum Singh was on duty at the wharf; and as he owed witness some money, witness asked for payment. The watchman was busy, and sent witness and his friend into his house. Bhagat Singh was there. At about four o'clock the other two defendants came in: Kam Singh fastening the door and then striking witness with a stick. Witness transferred his money from the form on which he was sitting, and attempted to rise. Kan Singh then struck him again and he fell, when Bhola Singh and Kan Singh held him down, while Dava Singh took the $108 from him and went out. Witness was held down for about fifteen minutes before he was released. Kan Singh told him to go and get his money and witness then went to the Hongkew Police Station in search of Dava Singh, who had taken the money, but found that he had been there and gone again. Next morning witness saw him, when he denied having been to Kinleeyuen on the day in question.
  By Mr. Blake - The amount stolen was $108, all in silver. Witness had formerly been in the Police Force, but was dismissed.
  By the Court - Witness was in Uttum Singh's house from about three o'clock and was most of the time engaged in conversation with Bhola Singh. There was no quarrel previous to the entrance of Kan Singh.
  Bhagat Singh said he was a moneylender. He accompanied complainant to Kinleeyuen Wharf on the 18th inst., and corroborated complainant's account of the alleged assault and robbery.
  By the Court - It was about four o'clock when they reached the wharf, and they were in the house four or five minutes.
  Dava Singh and Kan Singh were on  duty on the Kinleeyuen Wharf on the afternoon of the 18th inst. They remained on duty till a quarter to six, when they went home together, had their food, and went to sleep, nothing unusual occurring.
  By the Court - Kan Singh did not leave witness the whole afternoon.
  By Mr. Blake - Did not see complainant land at the wharf that afternoon.
  Bheel Singh testified that on the 18th inst. Bhola Singh paid him a visit at Pootung at 12 o'clock in the afternoon. He left at half-past five for Shanghai.
  Dhal Singh, police constable, said that when on duty near the Mixed Court at half-past three on the afternoon of the 18th inst. Dava Singh stopped and asked him the time, and then proceeded in the direction of the Louza Police Station.
Boola Singh, police constable, deposed to seeing Dava Singh at the Louza Police Station at a quarter to  four on the afternoon of the 8th inst.
  His Worship dismissed the charge.

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